Rare Form of Dwarfism Sets Girl Apart From Twin Sister

Sienna "Sinny" Bernal, left, and her twin sister, Sierra, pose for the camera. Courtesy of Chrissy Bernal
By Jessica Doyle
Meet Sierra and Sienna Bernal -- 12-year-old twins from Texas. They both have blonde hair, enjoy shopping and...
The girls are the only twins in the world where one – Sinny – is a primordial dwarf.

The Baby That Just Won't Grow

At nine months old today, my son Ezra weighs 25 pounds and is 30 inches tall. He's a big kid, but not exceptionally so. Over in England, though, there is a little girl that makes Ezra seem like Andre the Giant. At 14 months, Suraya Brown weighs barel...

Littlest Mom on earth?

ABC has an interesting story up about a young Mom who is a little shorter than my two and a half year old son. She's quite possibly the shortest Mother in the world. Christianne Ray, 20, has a rare form, of dwarfism called spondyloepiphyseal dysplasi...

Dwarf mother of two gets much-needed dwarf-sized baby gear

One of my best friends is dating an awesome woman with a rare condition that has restricted the growth of her legs. She's just a little over three-feet tall. Last night I talked to him on the phone, and the issue came up that he might ...


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