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Ear Infections Latest Cause of Childhood Obesity, New Study Says

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Ear infections damage the nerves that conduct the "wow-this-is-yummy" signals to the brain. Credit: Getty Images Get out those No. 2 pencils. Today's multiple-choice question: Why was your kid voted...
Korean researchers tie ear infections to tubby tots.

Researchers Review Effectiveness of Treatment for Ear Infections

When used correctly, otoscopes are key in diagnosing children's ear infections. Credit: Getty Images
If your child suffers from frequent ear infections, you may want to discuss some new research findings with your pediatrician. ...
If your child suffers from frequent ear infections, you may want to discuss some new research findings with your pediatrician.

Majority of Ear Infections Don't Require Antibiotics, Study Shows

Should your doctor reconsider the antibiotics? Credit: Getty Images
Your child is fussy, keeps pulling on his ear and is running a fever -- all signs of an ear infection. Many parents would call the doctor right away for an appointment to get ant...

Dealing with middle-of-the-night illnesses

Riley woke up last night howling, I first saw all the red lights on his monitor flare up (the Bars of Doom, I like to call them) and then we could hear his cries echoing through the house, even over the loud, crappy movie we were watching. When we we...

How to help the medicine go down

In the very early hours of Monday morning, Ellie woke up in pain. It seems that after a week of sniffles and coughing, she had developed an ear infection. I tried my best to make her comfortable enough to get through the night, but it wasn't happenin...

How much do you tell your kids?

Wednesday night, I broke our family rule -- I caused us to exceed one visit to the emergency room per year. This was, in fact, our third so far this year. I was in the kitchen when the floor suddenly dropped about two feet. I gasped, thinking it was ...

When big disappointments come early

This past weekend was supposed to be spent amongst the Redwoods with Jared's classmates on an easy camping trip. Jared and Sara both were looking forward to it, as I was. After some initial troubles, we had a campsite and my stove, lanterns, and poke...

The sickest week of the year? It's true for our home.

This past week we have all been sick in our house. The big boy child has the sniffles, the middle girl child has a barking cough that sounds eerily like a performing seal, the smallest boy child has green goo coming out of his eyes and nose and the m...

Pediatrician denies care because of parent's tattoos

If your kid has ever had an ear infection, you know how much pain it can cause a child. Tasha Childress knows. Her daughter had one, so Childress took her to see a pediatrician. That doctor, however, refused to treat the girl because Childress has ta...

When mom's sick, do you ever ask your pediatrician to treat you, too?

I have this uncomfortable fear that I've contracted my three-year-old's ear infection. He's all better now after a full course of antibiotics. Me, though? Mis. er. able. Tomorrow is Truman's nine-month checkup, so I'm fully intending to have the ped...


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