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Dig your hands into some eco-dough. Credit:
In honor of Earth Day, we will be sinking our hands into a little eco-dough from eco-kids.
The eco-friendly molding dough is handmade using flour, salt, cream of tartar, org...
Perfect for Earth Day or any day, this molding dough is eco-friendly.

Plant a Garden, Pack a Picnic: An Earth Day Family To-Do List

Watch a video to learn how to make earth day crafts with your kids!
Plant a garden or a tree as a family! Credit: Getty Images Tired of trying to explain global warming and begging your kids to turn off the lights to conserve energy?...
Reducing your carbon footprint can be fun.

Earth Day: 5 Eco-Friendly Products for Kids

Stylish Earth Day finds include, from left, Kite Kid's T-shirt, the Nyokki! Egg Pet Plant, Soul-Flower's tree-hugger onesie. Credits:;; Some might say Earth Day is every day, but it'...Celebrate Earth Day by doing some eco-friendly shopping.

Green Kids Clothes: You Have to Spend (Cash) to Save (the Planet)

Organic styles for kids can be hip -- just check out Tomat's cassette tank, $24, and Misha Blue's bird tank dress, $48, Credit: /
We try really, really hard to remember to bring our reusable totes to the grocer...

Celebrate Earth Day With Your Kids

The future of the earth is in the hands of our children. Credit: aussiegall, Flickr
Happy Earth Day! Forty years ago, on April 22, 1970, Wisconsin Sen. Gaylord Nelson founded Earth Day as a nationwide protest against the growing environmental...

Earth Day: Everyday Activities for Kids

Earth Day comes only once a year, but in our neighbourhood many families are making small changes to honour the Earth every day. If your family is looking for inspiration and practical ideas to bring Earth Day home, every day, look no further than ...

Travel Soccer, Perfect Parents, and More - Links We Love

Travel sports are a huge commitment, both for families and for kids. Can you see yourself as a travel team parent, or are rec leagues more your speed? -- On Parenting Worried you're not a perfect mother? You can stop worrying, because she doesn...

Life in the NICU, Dave Grohl, and More - Links We Love

We all know how babies are made, but this video describes it all in graphic detail. (I promise, it's suitable for work.) -- Boing Boing Today is Earth Day! Looking for a last minute craft to do with your little environmentalist? BabyCenter's got '...

Dig in this Earth Day

True stewardship requires good habits. Luckily for me, good habits can be learned. In my own adventures in parenting, imitation seems to be the most reliable teacher. That has its drawbacks: I no longer swear, which I used to enjoy. But it also force...

Earth Day Fun for the Whole Family - Links We Love

Recycling is a great chore to delegate to kids, and even toddlers can get in on the act. Kids Recycling Zone is a fun website that helps kids sort out the ins and outs of recycling and teaches kids about what happens to recycled goods after they le...

What our kids worry about

When I was a kid, I worried about a crazed dictator blowing up the world with a nuclear bomb. I didn't have any clear idea of why this might happen, but words like "iron curtain" and "atomic bomb" and "nuclear warfare" circled in my immature brain an...

Happy Earth Day!

Though I eat my fair share of granola bars, I don't actually fall into that category of people we often refer to as "granola." Nor have I ever hugged a tree. But I care about the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink and the world we ar...


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