Expert Tips for Getting Kids Involved in the Kitchen

"You don't need to be an expert to cook," Elisabeth de Mariaffi tells Cabin Fever. Elisabeth is the author of Eat It Up!, a colourful and practical new cookbook for children, and she's just the person to reassure a harried and hopeful parent that c...

Be Thankful for Thanksgiving Crafts That Keep Kids Out of the Kitchen

On Thanksgiving Day, there are either too many or not enough cooks in the kitchen. That makes it a good day to un-invite your favorite pint-sized chefs so that they don't get underfoot, or worse, hurt. But even if they can't help carve the turkey...

DailyDish - English muffin mini-pizzas

Cooking with kids can be fun, easy and nutritious! Start with mini-pizzas....

DailyDish - The basic tee

It's not fancy. It's not fabulous. And sometimes it's not even stylish. But the basic tee gets me through my busy days....

More quick and easy ideas for summer cooking

We all seem to be on the same vibe around here these days. It's hot and we don't want to cook -- at least, not for very long. Angie wrote about her own tricks and tips earlier this week. Jonathon wrote about Real Simple magazines ways to speed up the...


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