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Getting Kids to Try New and Healthy Foods

"How do I get my child to eat fruits and veggies?" "Is it OK for my child to take a vitamin supplement and then eat anything he wants?" "My child only eats five foods: chicken fingers, fries, applesauce, cereal and milk." Do any of these quest...Kids picky eaters? Commit to changes to get them to try new foods.

First Lady Wants to Be Remembered for Fighting Childhood Obesity

Michelle Obama hula hoops with children during the Healthy Kids Fair on the South Lawn of the White House, Oct. 21, 2009. Credit: Samantha Appleton, The White House
Michelle Obama wants you to know she understands the lure of the pizza. "It wa...

Surprising junk food

Quickly: you're stopped at a red light with a crotchety child (or two) You're holiday shopping, desperately wishing you'd just done it online, already. In the back seat there ares snotty noses and wailing voices and it's been three hours since anyone...

Students sell banned junk food from their lockers like drugs

Like the high school version of prohibition, students are reacting to junk food bans at their schools by establishing black market operations for trafficking the goods under the administration's radar. Soda? Chips? Chocolate bars? Just when you thoug...


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