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Kids Eating More and More Meals Away From Home

Credit: AP
People used to complain that kids eat too often in front of the television instead of at the family dinner table.
Have no fear. Researchers have found kids rarely eat at home at all. They get their nutrition (if you us...

Solo Parenting: Taking the Kids Out to Eat

There's a funny paradox about parenting solo. When my husband goes out in public, minus me and accompanied by all four of our children, he is lauded, praised, and admired. "What a great dad you are!" "All on your own with four kids! Amazing!" "Mom...

Would you go out for cereal?

For me, the best part about going out to eat is the opportunity to enjoy food that I wouldn't (or couldn't) prepare for myself at home. I can whip up a decent batch of chicken enchiladas, but they don't compare to what I can get at my favorite Mexica...

What Dad really wants for Father's Day

Think that Dad wants a big, fancy present for Father's Day? Think again. According to a recent survey by Discover Card, what Dad really wants is a nice dinner out and something handmade by Mom or the kids. Dads also reported wanting:
gift cards

Restaurants made just for families

I'm all too familiar with adult-only restaurants: establishments that welcome only people who do not poop their pants or spit out their unwanted food on the windowsill. And I firmly believe that these places have their right to exist, but I've occasi...

Applebee's serves margarita to toddler

I never think to check my daughter's sippy cup when we're out at restaurant. If we ask for water, I assume they'll put water in the cup. Maybe, in a worst-case scenario, they'd screw up and give her juice -- a simple mistake, that certainly wouldn't ...


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