Dig your hands into some eco-dough. Credit:
In honor of Earth Day, we will be sinking our hands into a little eco-dough from eco-kids.
The eco-friendly molding dough is handmade using flour, salt, cream of tartar, org...
Perfect for Earth Day or any day, this molding dough is eco-friendly.

Earth Day: 5 Eco-Friendly Products for Kids

Stylish Earth Day finds include, from left, Kite Kid's T-shirt, the Nyokki! Egg Pet Plant, Soul-Flower's tree-hugger onesie. Credits:;; Some might say Earth Day is every day, but it'...Celebrate Earth Day by doing some eco-friendly shopping.

Boy, 6, Bagged From Contest for Bringing His Lunch to School in an Eco-Unfriendly Ziploc

Is your kid's lunch packed in an eco-friendly container? One Canadian school says it better be. Credit: Getty
Think you're keeping things green by packing your child's lunch? Better not have any Ziploc bags wrapping that PB&J.
A kindergarten student was shunned from a contest after he brought his lunch to school in a plastic baggie.

Eco Dog Toys for Your Furry Pals

If your dog could talk, he'd tell you he wants to save the planet by chewing on toys like these from Dodo. Credit: West Paw Design Just because he spends most of his time on the floor doesn't mean your favorite canine isn't willing t...Just because he spends most of his time on the floor doesn't mean your favorite canine isn't willing to do his part to save the planet.

Crayola Goes Green for Back-to-School

Crayola's fave color is green. Credit: Crayola
Are Screamin' Green, Granny Smith Apple, Asparagus, Fern, Mountain Meadow, Shamrock and Tropical Rain Forest among your favorite Crayola colors? Well, it's time to take your love of green one ...

Father's Day Gift Pick: Organic Home Beer Brewing Kit

Dad gets bragging rights for brewing up his own beer. Credit: Seven Bridges Cooperative
If being the resident grillmaster isn't enough for your DIY dad, add brewmaster to his list of credentials, and watch as he quenches his thirst with a col...

Father's Day Gift Idea: Earth-Friendly Solar Backpack

Sun-tastic! A Voltaic solar bag. Credit: Voltaic Systems
Whether the dad in your life is a road warrior or a weekend warrior, a Voltaic solar bag is the perfect gift to help him stay connected wherever he lands. Available in a range of styles ...

Win the Pennant

Pretty party. Credit: Petit Collage
There are no shortage of wall decals meant for kids' rooms these days, but for the greenest of moms, the predominantly vinyl offerings can be off-putting. Happily, the folks at Petit Collage came up with an alt...

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products Help You Go Green at Home

Clean planet = happy baby? We hope. Credit: Darija :), Flickr
You've probably noticed the growing presence of "green cleaning" products at your supermarket. Eco-friendly companies such as Seventh Generation are now sharing shelf space with new ...

Use Tea Tree Oil and Vinegar to Clean Your Home

Before you break out the Mr. Clean and scrub your bathroom to a shiny, pristine glow, consider this: The use of disinfectants may cause existing bacteria to become resistant to antibiotics and the disinfectant itself, according to a study published i...

Can there really be an eco-Barbie?

So, the children of Iran don't get to play with Barbie dolls because they undermine their Muslim culture. American kids, meanwhile, are apparently eschewing the dolls because of the environmentally unfriendly packaging. There's probably not much Matt...

Take your kids on the trash trail for Earth Day

Looking for a way to educate and entertain this Earth Day? Why not take your kids on the trash trail? A trash trail tour simply follows your garbage from your kitchen garbage can to its final resting place. Visit the transfer station, the dump, or th...

When kids have an interest in environmentalism

As a person who is constantly looking for ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle, and as a mother who is working diligently to pass this way of life on to her own children, this article from the Seattle Times about little eco-warriors gave me a small pie...

Build your own play kitchen - it's not as hard as you think

Let's face it, play kitchens for children are not cheap. I've featured some of my favorites here, but since watching The Story of Stuff in addition to attempting a greener lifestyle, I've often wondered about making a play kitchen out of recycled mat...

Bean Bag Dilemma

I know this is supposed to be MY job here at ParentDish, but I need some shopping advice. You see, my 16-month-old still occasionally sits in a Kate Space Maclaren Rocker made for infants. I just checked the Maclaren website, and it seems that partic...


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