Eco-friendly: why organic cotton?

It seems the term "organic" has become very popular in the past few years. Grocery stores, specialty markets and clothing boutiques are dedicating entire sections to organic goods. Our family buys organic food when possible, but I hadn't purchased ma...

Safer water bottles to keep your kids hydrated

Water bottles made from corn? Yes. They are fabulous. I bought my children a few this summer and they love them. Made from a renewable resource, these bottles help in more way than one. The plastic is safe and will not grow any bacteria. They come in...

One mother proudly admits she uses disposable diapers

The debate between rather to use cloth or disposable diapers has raged on for quite some time. Those in favor of using cloth diapers point out that using them saves much room in the landfills and gives the baby a much more natural feeling. Those in f...

Teaching kids about saving the earth

One of the things I'm attempting to do with my daughter is raising her to have a deep appreciation for the planet.  At her young age (2-1/2), there's not much I can do except make sure that she's outside a lot, and that we talk about the trees a...

Recycled Messenger Bag from Global Exchange

My passion for Fair Trade products continues:  as I mentioned before, I dig the concept of making  handmade products indigenous to one country visible and available to the rest of the world, while at the same time helping make that country'...


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