Problems With Babies Born in Winter May Come Down to Economics

Babies born in the winter months may be affected by the economic status of their parents Credit: EJP Photo, Flickr There's plenty of data to show that winter babies don't fare as well in life as children born in other seasons, but new researc...

Married to Your Economic Opposite?

Early in our marriage my husband and I realized we were economic opposites. I was reared in an upper-middle class world where in the summers all parents enrolled their four-year-olds in private swimming lessons, children got braces when their adult t...

Jobs For Laid Off Moms and Dads

Like so many folks in this troubled economy, Ms. L. was laid off recently. Unlike some people, she was able to find employment, albeit in a very different field. Ms. L. used to be a vice president at Chase. Now she's a nanny, being paid off the bo...

Kid-Friendly Charities to Encourage Your Children to Give

When we started giving my 5-year-old daughter an allowance a few months back, we gave her three choices. She could take her five $1 bills and either put them into her piggy bank to save, a special jar to give away, or in her little princess purse to...

The economics of love

Actor, comedian and some-time eyedrop commercial maker Ben Stein, who once offered America the chance to win his money, has written a funny and telling article over at the New York Times. Most of us know by now the man who is most famous for asking ...


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