Tooth Fairy Latest Victim of the Economy

Credit: Getty Images
Cutting back on cable, new clothes and trips to the gas pump are all indicators of a bad economy, but when the Tooth Fairy starts shorting kids, you know things are serious.
The Denver Post reports U.S. kids are...
Tooth Fairy hit by bad economy, too, paying $.40 less than last year on average.

Census: More Kids Living With Grandparents

Credit: Getty Images
Apparently, because of the sour economy, more kids are living with at least one of their grandparents.
The U.S. Census Bureau released a report June 28 that reveals the number of children living with one or more...
Sour economy leads to more multigenerational households.

Baby Boomer Mothers Have Boomerang Children, Survey Finds

They depend on you now and they will depend on you later. Credit: Getty Images
Empty nest? Ha! Not so much.
Odds are, if you have grown children, you support them financially. At the very least, they considered you Mama Savings and ...
Boomer children returning to the nest, but it may not be because of finances.

In Tough Times, Middle Class Families Rely on Public Programs, Report Says

Preschool and health insurance are two factors found to be crucial to a child's future well-being. Credit: Getty If you're having trouble making ends meet these days, you're probably among the growing ranks of parents whose income has ...The income gap between middle-class and high-income families has grown by more than 50 percent since 1985.

Are You More Focused on Family This Holiday Season?

Some gifts are free. Credit: Getty Images
A new study on holiday spending attitudes found that 77 percent of Americans are refocusing their efforts on family rather than gift giving. The study was published by Strayer University, based on ...
A new study on holiday spending attitudes found that 77 percent of Americans are refocusing their efforts on family rather than gift giving.

Would You Cosign a Loan for Your Parents?

Mama needs a new car. Credit: John Knill, Getty Images
It is very common for parents to help out their kids by cosigning a loan. But what about children cosigning a loan for their parents? The number of kids who cosign loans for mom and da...

Are You Cutting Back on Holiday Gifts This Year?

Will your kids be unwrapping fewer gifts this year? Credit: Getty Images
Thanksgiving is almost here, and that means Christmas is just around the corner. No matter what holiday you celebrate, gift-giving is usually a part of the festivities. ...
Although the economy as a whole is in much better shape than it was two years ago, unemployment is still high and many people are struggling to make ends meet. Will the state of the economy affect your holiday spending?

Adults Aren't Taking Their Economic Woes Out on Kids, Report Shows

Despite the bad economy, child abuse rates are down. Credit: Getty Images
Grownups apparently are not taking their anger and frustration over the blankety-blank economy out on children. At least not in statistically significant numbers. S...

Survey Shows Positive Signs for the Economy as Back-to-School Shopping Begins

Parents doing back-to-school shopping are showing stores the money. Credit: Steven Senne, AP
In what might be a positive sign for the economy, parents in a national survey say they plan to spend more this year on back-to-school clothing and supp...

Cost of Raising Children Jumps 22 Percent in 50 Years

If you're in your late 40s, it cost your parents approximately $183,000 to see you from birth to high school graduation. Your own children will cost you about $222,000. The Chicago Tribune reports fresh statistics from the U.S. Department of ...

Forget the Teens; Parents Are Starting Their Own Baby Sitters' Clubs

Baby-sitting rates too expensive? Try a co-op! Credit: Getty Images
Sure, Carrie can watch the kids Friday night -- if you don't mind paying her $8 an hour to watch TV, talk to her boyfriend and eat the last of the potato chips. That's not sit...

Get Yer Discount Nannies, Courtesy of the Sour Economy

California parents are getting child care on the cheap. Credit: ABC
How much would you pay per hour for a nanny to watch your children? Maybe $25? How about $17? That's right! For a limited time only, the soft economy is offering discount...

Should Districts Get a Cut When Teachers Sell Lesson Plans Online?

The growing online market for lesson plans has school districts asking if the trend is ethical -- and whether or not the schools deserve a cut of the profits. Thousands of teachers are turning to online auction sites, such as TeachersPayTeachers...

More Moms Becoming the Family Breadwinner

For the first time ever, women really are bringing home more bacon than men -- and their husbands may be the ones frying it up in a pan. A report from the Pew Research Center released last week shows that marriage has undergone significant chang...

Bad Economy Creates More Young Runaways

The bad economy is influencing kids to run away from home. Photo: Monica Almeida, The New York Times / Redux
More kids, many of them not even in their teens, are running away from home because of the depressed economy. According to The New York T...


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