Discipline More About School Authorities Than Student Behavior

Credit: Getty Images
Students at South Allegory High School rarely get suspended. Meanwhile, across town at North Allegory High, kids are suspended left and right.
Wow. North clearly has some serious discipline problems. The school ...
Study suggests suspension rates don't accurately reflect discipline problems.

Texas Study Shows Majority of Middle, High School Students Suspended or Expelled

Credit: Getty Images
You don't mess with Texas, and, if you're in school there, you definitely don't wanna mess with the administration.
The New York Times reports a study by the Council of State Governments released earlier this we...
Also noted: Minority students faced harsher punishments more often than white students.

Vocational Education At Risk Because of Focus on College

Obama's budget calls for cuts in vocational education. Credit: Getty Images
A lot of kids will never get a college degree -- at least one in four won't even make it through high school in the usual four years.
Despite that, the Bost...
Obama's budget calls for cuts in vocational education.

Indiana Schools Erase Cursive from the Curriculum

Credit: Corbis
Cursive writing is sooo 20th century. In fact, kids in Indiana don't even bother with it anymore.
Who needs to know how to make swirly letters in this day and age? People can always just scrawl an X or draw a smiley f...
Educators say you don't need to put pen to paper in the digital age.

More Babies Can Mean Less Education for Moms, Study Shows

Credit: Getty Images
Ever feel like the more children you have, the dumber you get?
There may be some truth in it -- at least if you're young when you start having babies. A new study says having more kids can keep women from contin...
Does education stand in the way of women having babies, or do babies get in the way of education?

Worst of Detroit Schools to Be Moved to New System

Roy Roberts, left, the emergency manager of the Detroit school district and Gov. Rick Snyder shake hands at a news conference in Detroit. Credit: AP DETROIT (AP) - The worst of Detroit's schools will be pulled out of the district - whi...The worst of Detroit's schools will be pulled out of the district and placed in a new system that gives principals and staff more control over spending, hiring and improvement efforts.

How Education is Viewed Differently by Generations from Marlo Thomas

Marlo Thomas and her niece Kate and talk about the topic of education, and how it is viewed differently by their respective generations.
Don't miss from Marlo Thomas: The Iron Chrone I love a challenge, so loved this story about a woman...
Marlo Thomas and her niece Kate and talk about the topic of education, and how it is viewed differently by their respective generations.

Grade School's Gender Diversity Program Riles Conservatives

Learning about transgendered clownfish in school? What would Nemo say? Credit: Getty Images Children at Redwood Heights Elementary School in Oakland, Calif., learn about lesbian lizards and transgendered clownfish. Judge not, they ar...Children learn there are many ways to be male and female.

Children of Immigrants Have Way More Science Skills Than Kids With American-Born Parents

Great in science? Are you parents immigrants? Credit: Getty
Don't believe a lot of what you hear about America falling behind in science education.
Many American students are brilliant in science. What's more, they are hard-working,...
Immigrant kids put American-born classmates to shame in scientific competition.

Opinion: Punishing Parents Will Not Stop Beastly Children From Acting Up in School

Punishing parents for their child being late to class is going to accomplish nothing. Credit: Corbis
I scanned the list of names in the Alaska Legislature.
Sure enough. Not one of them went to Tanana Junior High in Fairbanks with me...
We can't punish our way out of our education problems.

What Would You Do if Your Child's School Closed for Good?

Education is under fire in many states. Credit: Peter Prengaman, AP Imagine you send your child to the public school in your neighborhood. You're happy. They're happy. Even if everyone isn't in a state of constant bliss, at least you k...With budgets being slashed across the nation, even education is on the chopping block.

Should States Be Cutting Teachers to Save Money?

Should teachers' jobs be on the budget chopping block? Credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images
Times are tough, and many states are looking to cut teachers in order to save money. But is education the place to make cuts?
In New York City, M...
Might there not be other areas to cut before cutting teachers?

Teen Moms Still Want College Degrees, Study Finds

Pregnant at 16? Poof! There goes your future. You obviously care more about changing diapers than earning a college degree. Obviously? Not so fast. Researchers at Women & Infants Hospital of Rhode Island say that's not so. They interviewe...Teen moms want to go to college. The question is, how?

Students Cruising Through College With Little Asked of Them, Little Learned, Book Says

That diploma won't mean much if your college student skips on the studying. Credit: Getty When you phone your daughter at college at 3 p.m., only to discover she's just rolling out of bed, or you ask your university-attending son what ...Growing numbers of undergraduates are moving through college without working particularly hard, and without key learning skills, such as complex reasoning and critical thinking.

How Important is Middle School?

Middle school is a pivotal time in a student's education, according to Laura Bush. Credit: Getty Images
Former First Lady Laura Bush's new education initiative is aimed squarely at the middle. Middle school, to be precise.
Former first lady Laura Bush says middle school doesn't get enough attention.


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