Amazing Kid: Shannon McNamara

Amazing Kid Shannon McNamara empowers girls in Africa through education. Credit: Megan McNamara
Amazing Kid: Shannon McNamara Age: 17 Grade: 12th Home Town: Basking Ridge, N.J. School: Ridge High School, Basking Ridge, New Jersey Favor...
Shannon McNamara empowers girls in Africa through education.

U.S. Schools Are Just Average, International Study Says

U.S. students still lag behind kids in other nations, but American girls still rock when it comes to reading. Credit: Getty
Want your child to get a better-than-average education? It might be time to consider moving to Korea or Finland. In com...
American students earn a C average in international testing scores.

Nation's Report Card Shows Reading Levels of High School Seniors Are Worse Than 20 Years Ago

Books ... check 'em out. Credit: Corbis
If there was such a thing as collective parenting for the entire nation, high school seniors across the country would be spending their Thanksgiving breaks holed up in their rooms, grounded and sentenced to...
Despite a teen literary devotion to the Harry Potter and Twilight series, only 38 percent of 12th graders are classified as at or above the "proficient" level, according to a report.

Is Your Child's Classroom Too Crowded?

Sardines or students? Credit: Getty Images
Are there too many kids in your child's classroom? If so, they've got company. School districts in Florida and New York and across the country are struggling with a growing problem -- too many kids an...
School districts in Florida and New York and across the country are struggling with a growing problem -- too many kids and too few desks

Fewer Latino Children in Preschool, Study Finds

Without preschool, the education gap between Latinos and their peers starts earlier. Credit: Getty Images
Attendance in preschools for Latino tots lags far behind the national average, with Latino parents half as likely to enroll their kids in ...
About 35 percent of Latino 4-year-olds attended some type of preschool, while 66 percent of white children and 54 percent of African American children enrolled, the findings show.

High School Opts to Drop Fs From Transcripts, Some Say That's a Serious Fail

Should kids be given the chance to master course work instead of failing outright? Credit: Corbis
You may not like to see your children fail, but would you go so far to protect them as to eliminate the word "fail" from their vocabularies? Esse...
A new policy says it's OK to flunk that test, as long as you pass it at some point.

Should We Stop Giving Teachers Tenure?

Are tenured teachers "untouchable?" Credit: Corbis Education is always a hot topic. Right now, teacher tenure is taking a lot of heat. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie wants to eliminate tenure, which he says will make it easi...
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie wants to eliminate tenure, which he says will make it easier to get rid of teachers that are not doing a good job. What do you think?

Mom Gives Daughter $300 for Facebook Fast

Is it time for your kid to go on a social media diet? Credit: Dan Kitwood, Getty Images
It's a parenting strategy for the social media age. A mom in South Carolina offered her college-age daughter $300 to abstain from Facebook for one month, a...
Student goes on Facebook cleanse for cold hard cash.

Mom a Poor Reader? That Could Hurt Her Kid's Success, Study Shows

Reading to your kids is a great way to give them a head start on reading and math skills. Credit: Getty Images
As the debate over public education rages on, a new study points to another factor that could help shape early education programs: Mom'...
Moms with poor literacy can affect their children's success in life.

Opinion: Failing Teachers Should Get the Boot, Kids Come First

In public school systems, do kids come first? Credit: Getty Images
I went to see "Waiting for 'Superman'" recently, then tuned in for a virtual town hall meeting moderated by Arianna Huffington of the Huffington Post, and featuring the film's...
My biggest fear was -- and still is -- very real: Of all in-school factors that affect student achievement, effective teachers and principals account for nearly 60 percent of a student's ability to succeed, according to "Waiting for Superman."

The 10 Worst Places to Be a School-Aged Child

A boy reads a book on a bench at the Christian Light Ministries school in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The country is third on the list of worst places to be a school-aged child. Credit: Arnulfo Franco, AP
Issues like providing laptops for all students...
A study released this week by the Global Campaign for Education, based in South Africa, shines the spotlight on the worst places in the world to be a school-aged child because of poor access to education.

Well-funded Preschool Programs Reduce Crime, Report Says

Wanna keep your kids out of cuffs? Send them to preschool. Credit: banspy, Flickr
Still not sure if you want to send your kid to preschool? You might want to pay attention to this: A new study says kids who don't attend preschool are twic...
A new study says kids who don't attend preschool are twice as likely to be arrested for violent crimes by the time they're 40.

Don't Raise Your Hands; You Might Learn More

Pick me! Pick me! Credit: Getty
Show of hands. How many of you think you got a good education? Put your hands down. It was a trick question. Truth be told, you might have a better education if you weren't always raising your hand. A cla...

First Day of School: What the Teacher Needs to Know About Your Child

Send your kids off to school knowing you've provided their teachers with info your kids need to succeed. Credit: Getty Images
It's back-to-school time, when everything is shiny and fresh: New clothes, new notebooks, new backpacks, new teachers ...

New Jersey Teen Creates Book Program for African Girls

Shannon McNamara, back row, far right, stands with some of the original 2008 SHARE girls from the Kiteyagwa Primary School in Bukoba, Tanzania, East Africa. Credit: Megan McNamara
Shannon McNamara's passion for books is being felt from New Jersey ...


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