Community College Grads Earning More Early On Than Those With Bachelor's Degrees, Data Reveals

Community college may give your student an initial advantage in the workforce. Credit: Getty If you thought you had your child's future education and career track all figured out, new data about the emerging workforce may cause you to ...An associate's degree may mean more money -- at least early on in your child's career.

Are Educational Toys Just Commercial Products In Disguise?

The Scholastic Book Fair has stood the test of time. Just about every school has one -- not to mention those monthly Scholastic Book Club brochures you find crumpled in your child's backpack. Some things have changed, though. Over the past year there...

Should Schools Be Able To Hit Your Kids?

Among the many issues that arise when you have children is how to discipline them, including spankings. Most of us stand on one side of the issue or the other. Something many of us never think much about is corporal punishment in school. But it ha...

Crayons and Marbles in the Computer World

My dad taught engineering and both my sister and my brother grew up to be engineers. When I was a kid we sat around the dinner table talking about Einstein's theories and solving mathematical equations. That explains why I became a musician and a coo...

It's official - Teens are getting dumber

We all know that teenagers are stupid. Rather, they act stupid. Having been teens ourselves and now being adult enough to be able to reflect back, most of us agree that at one time or another, most teens are, well, dumb. Pregnancy pacts, virginity ...

Censorship in toys

About a month ago my husband was playing around with one of our son's toys and realized it was censored. The toy in question is a Leap Frog brand caterpillar called an Alphabet Pal with letters on each of its twenty-six legs. Among the things you c...

An exersaucer saved my life

In my quest to find something both entertaining and educational for my six month old son to do that will also free up my hands a little I've found myself worn out. The older he gets the more mobile my baby has become. His desire to, well, just DO t...

Will you let your kids watch Shark Week?

So I'm sitting in my livingroom minding my own business one evening earlier this week when I flip onto a program about baby seals searching for food. "Oh, how cute!" I think to myself. Gee, I just LOVE baby animals, don't you? I imagine that even...

New Baby Einstein DVD: Discovering Shapes

I've long been a fan of the Baby Einstein videos and do believe they contributed to Jared's early cognitive development. Both Jared and Sara have loved the videos and still watch them. We have, I believe, every one (thank you Costco!). At least, we d...

New DVD game battles childhood obesity

I've heard of video games that aim to get kids active -- usually with some kind of contraption that attaches to the game and facilitates walking or running in time to the game. But there is a new video game on the market called "Body Mechanics" that ...


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