Are Educational Toys Just Commercial Products In Disguise?

The Scholastic Book Fair has stood the test of time. Just about every school has one -- not to mention those monthly Scholastic Book Club brochures you find crumpled in your child's backpack. Some things have changed, though. Over the past year there...

Should Schools Be Able To Hit Your Kids?

Among the many issues that arise when you have children is how to discipline them, including spankings. Most of us stand on one side of the issue or the other. Something many of us never think much about is corporal punishment in school. But it ha...

Scarf Ban Lifted at NY School

It is getting quite cold these days up in my neck of the woods. And speaking of necks, the best way to keep yours warm is by wrapping it in a woolly scarf. That is what students at Valley Central High School in Montgomery, New York did, until an over...

Are your kids pressuring you to go green?

One day last year, Ellie came home from school with a paper bag decorated for Earth Day. She insisted that every piece of recyclable trash be put into this bag and then properly disposed of. Up to that point, we hadn't been doing a very good job of r...

Should teachers have personal lives?

How much of a teacher's personal life does a school really need to care about? Certainly, if they have a history of molesting children, that's an issue. If they don't like ice cream, well, I'd say there's something wrong with them, but it's not reall...

What happens when teachers are falsely accused?

We often write about scandalous behavior by teachers and other educators here at ParentDish. Most of time these educators have admitted wrongdoing -- or, at least, admitted to their actions (whether or not they were right is often up for debate). How...

Boy jailed for 12 days due to Daylight Savings foul-up

Cody Webb, a 15-year-old high school student, was arrested and held in jail for 12 days on suspicion he'd left a bomb threat on his school's student hotline. Police and school administrators thought they had an open and shut case, after they traced t...

More Teachers with Guns

A while back, Heather Craven noted that a legislator from Wisconsin suggested teachers could be armed to cut down on school violence. Now, he's been joined by one from Nevada. "I would expect enough teachers would be interested so it would serve as a...


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