Cyber Clean Electronics Cleaner

Clean those hard-to-reach areas while killing germs this flu season. Credit: The Container Store We must have missed the news a few years ago when it was announced that computer keyboards can be dirtier than public toilets. But now tha...Kill computer germs -- and fight the flu virus -- with this handy new product.

Families Spending More on Home Entertainment than Going Out

Staying home with the kids is not that cheap. Credit: c.r.avery, Flickr
American households are spending more money staying in with their electronic gadgets than going out. In fact, we're spending almost $1,000 per person every year on cable TV, I...

Tips for Keeping Your Sick Child Entertained at Home

The child is grumpy. Way beyond grumpy. Grumpy is a distant planet in another solar system past which she's shot in her misery-fuelled rocket ship. She refuses to eat supper. She's lethargic, moping, upset over nothing. Uh oh. She's fallen asleep o...

Online Speak & Spell

You might just remember the Speak & Spell from your childhood. Failing that, I believe it made up part of E.T.'s contraption for phoning home. Buzz Lightyear used a Speak & Spell to decipher Al's license plate after Woody was kidnapped. From ...


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