Transgenderism and school

As noted in the article referenced here, collective understanding has it that people tend to play with gender roles, figure out who they really are and test the boundaries of societal norms when they hit high school, or college. In Colorado, howeve...

The first day of kindergarten

Yesterday was Jared's first day of kindergarten. It was a new school, a new teacher, new kids... Just before bed Sunday night, as we were getting ready for bedtime stories, he confided to me that he thought he would miss home when he went to school. ...

Starting kindergarten -- the anticipation

"I'm gonna go to kindergarten tomorrow." Tomorrow, Jared starts kindergarten at his new school. It's a big deal, although he seems pretty laid back about it all. In reality, it's his mom that is the most nervous, anxious, and concerned. And a bit sad...

Teacher Talk: Mr. P

My niece had a wonderful third grade teacher. He really made a difference for her, especially in math, a subject with which she had always had difficulty. In his class, however, it was different. His name was something difficult to pronounce, so all ...

The Letter: School assignment in San Francisco

Last Saturday, the letter came. A plain and simple missive that, despite its meek appearance, sought to determine the course of Jared's education for the next seven years. Who would have thought that such an innocuous thing could have such a huge imp...


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