Which is the Best Christmas Carol?

Ah, Christmas carols. These days they start the sun-up after Halloween and carry is through most if not all of December. Some radio stations play nothing but Christmas carols throughout the holiday season. We get a kick out them, find them nostalgic...

Sweden lightens up on weird baby name ban

(Top 12 Most Awful Baby Names Ever) For a country that seems a tad uptight when it comes to unusual baby names, Sweden sure has a lot of parents pushing the envelope. Elvis, Superman, Google and Lego are just a few examples of parents going for s...

Gypsy history month - $150k says Elvis was a Gypsy

Lest your kids think that Elvis is a Swedish girl, the British government is there to make sure they know that the King of Rock and Roll was actually a gypsy, even if it ends up costing them $150,000. In fact, the magazine handed out to classrooms as...

Could Elvis be a girl?

The way things worked out, I was given the task of naming both my sons. When my wife was pregnant with our first son, I thought long and hard about what qualities were important to me, what my aspirations were for him, and what I most wanted to share...

Elvis' grade school music teacher thought he was average

We've all heard the story of Albert Einstein -- one of the world's great minds, who regularly underwhelmed teachers with poor grades while he was still in school. And now, another international icon, famous for revolutionizing popular music, has been...

Elvis and Lisa Marie Presley sing a duet

I am a big Elvis Presley fan and have been keeping my eye on his daughter, Lisa Marie, for quite some time. She looks a lot like her dad and has a great voice, but somehow she hasn't managed to hit the big time with her music career. While comparison...

My 3 year-old collects Pez dispensers

One of the great things about really young children is that it just doesn't take much to make them happy. A 14 year-old wants, and often demands, items carrying a three figure price tag. But a preschooler? A cardboard box can make them happy, and if ...

Costello and Krall make beautiful music together

A while back, Karen Walrond let us know that Diana Krall and Elvis Costello were expecting. Like Karen, I'm big fans of both of them so I'm glad to say that, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, the two are now the proud parents of twin boys, De...


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