Pollution Could Increase Risk of Miscarriage, New Study Shows

There could be a link between high levels of pollution and miscarriage, according to new research. Experts found that levels of pollution just above the "safe" amount could increase the risk of miscarriage. The study was carried out by the University...

Embryo Adoption Gaining Favor

lunar caustic, Flickr
Close to 70 percent of Americans say they favor donating embryos to another couple. For parents dealing with fertility issues who still have the option of pregnancy, this could be a variation on adoption.
According ...

IVF Embryo Mix-Up Devastates Families

It sounds like a plot right out of a soap opera -- in fact it was a story line on ABC's "Private Practice" last season. Only to two UK families, this story is anything but fiction. When parents Debra and Paul decided to have another baby -- th...

Couple Uses IVF to Prevent Passing Breast Cancer Gene

I think that most of us, if asked, would say we'd do nearly anything to ensure that our children are healthy. But when "anything" involves genetic screening and selection of embryos, thing get a little controversial. A woman in Britain will soon g...

Australian couple loses court case over twins' birth

Nearly a year ago, an Australian couple made headlines when they sued their doctors for transferring two embryos during an IVF procedure when they explicitly said that they only wanted one. There was a mix-up in communication, and the doctor transfer...

Nine-year-old girl carrying her own twin

A 9-year-old girl in Greece entered a hospital with stomach pains and left grieving a twin she never even knew existed. The girl, whose name has not been revealed, had a swollen belly and abdominal pains that doctors at Larissa General Hospital attri...

Woman loses frozen embryo battle

From CNN.com:  the European Court of Human Rights has ruled that Nattalie Evans, a British woman who had embryos frozen before ovarian cancer treatment rendered her infertile, had no right to use the embyros to have a baby without the consent of...


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