How to Stock Your Family First Aid Kit

Don't skimp on the bandages. Credit: Corbis When cuts and bruises call for more than a kiss, parents need to be prepared. That's why safety experts recommend parents keep first aid kits at home, in the car and in the diaper...Safety experts recommend parents keep first aid kits at home, in the car and in the diaper bag.

Momergency Kit

I was once in a meeting with a woman who had her young (about a year old) daughter with her. The little one started getting fussy, and she ran out of distractions, so I handed over the tablet I was supposed to be taking notes with so that she could d...

Teachers getting trained to deal with food allergies

When I was a kid, no one had allergies. Sure, my mom and my siblings were allergic to cats, but that's different. I don't recall ever being not allowed to bring a peanut butter sandwich to school because someone could die from being around it. Things...

Could you survive a fake disaster?

My husband still loves to have a laugh at the fact that, in 2003, I bought supplies in case we had a terrorist attack. In my attempt to get things that would last, I mostly bought baked beans and pineapple juice. Don't ask, I'm not sure what the heck...

Teaching your kids how to call 9-1-1

It could be that one of the most important lessons you ever teach your child is just how exactly they should call an emergency number. Knowing just when they should pick up the phone to reach out for help is a vital lesson. Following is a short list ...


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