Emma Watson spends a little money

What would your kids buy if they came into a little money? Candy? A record album? Toys? Well, Emma Watson, who played Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movies, spent a litte more than that. After turning eighteen and gaining access to the millions...

Emma Watson grows up

Seen the cover of the new UK InStyle magazine? Emma Watson is on the cover. Who is that, again, you say? For those of you who didn't froth at the mouth over the Harry Potter movies like I did, Ms. Emma played Hermione, who started out as a girl with ...

Britney expecting a girl, and a divorce?

Well, gossip column The Awful Truth is reporting two new rumors about Britney Spears. I have heard them both before, and so have you. The rumors that she and husband Kevin Federline are heading for a divorce are not news. And of course, these rumors ...


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