empty nest syndrome 

A Room With A (Point Of) View

Does the grown-up Emily still have dibs on her room? Credit: Jeremy Gerard
Last time Emily came home from college, she busted me for stashing a few pairs of old jeans in the bottom drawer of her empty bureau. She smelled a coup in the offing. G...

Empty Nest Not So Bad After All

You've heard of "empty nest syndrome." While not an actual medical condition, empty nest occurs when one's children leave the home, mostly to go to college or to seek their fortune in the world. Women are said to be particularly affected by empty ne...

Reborn Dolls - Just Like Having a Real Baby?

Remember in high school sex ed class when you had to take care of an egg? The experience was supposed to give you a little taste of what parenthood was like, as you tried to keep the egg from getting lost or broken. Now that I'm a parent I can say th...


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