Teaching Kids Good Manners: 5 Tips for Parents

Teaching kids proper manners starts at home. Credit: Philip Lim, AFP/Getty Images We all want our kids to be polite people who treat others well, but young children are a fairly self-focused bunch, more interested in what they want tha...Teaching kids proper manners starts at home.

I'm the Victim of a Baby Name Thief!

I had a baby name picked out for about 10 years, and I made the mistake of telling someone about it. Not only did they take the first name, but they took the middle name, too! It's completely uncommon. I know full well that I have no ownership of t...Whenever I see this person writing their baby's name, I actually feel betrayed. Is this completely insane?

Baby Shower Invitations: Etiquette Basics

Manners come into play in planning a baby shower. Credit: Corbis
You may have thought the days of complicated guest lists were over with your wedding, but baby shower invitations can be equally controversial, causing an already stressed mom-t...

Birth Announcements: Your Etiquette Questions Answered

Mark your baby's birth with an announcement for family and friends. Credit: Getty
After waiting nine long months for that little bundle of joy to arrive, parents are naturally eager to share the news with everyone. Birth announcements are a w...

Do We Need New Baby Name Etiquette?

What about the people who choose a name for their child and expect it to be pronounced a certain way, yet it goes against English pronunciation? Then they actually get angry that you aren't smart enough to realize they are using a non-standard pron...

'Wife' School - Would You Send Your Daughter?

Make Over Camp for your little Betty Draper. Photo:
We have a handful of etiquette-related rules at our house, like these, for example:
No feet where you eat.
Say please and thank you. When someone gives you a gift, ...

When Your Playdate Won't Leave

Does your playdate wear out their welcome? Don't hide -- use some simple strategies to set your boundaries. Photo courtesy of
What's a busy mom to do when that two-hour play date turns into a seven-hour marathon? You've tried all the nor...

Funeral etiquette - Take the kids, or leave them home?

My husband's aunt passed away recently, after a long illness. She had lived across the street from us when both of our children were born, and used to send dinner every so often. Her husband would bring the boys Hot Wheels cars and various other toys...

Playdates: Who's responsible for paying?

A good friend of mine called the other day. "Andrew (who is 11) wants to take a friend to the fair, but it's so expensive, I don't think I can afford it." She's right, the fair is expensive. But I was surprised to learn that when her son invites frie...

The name game: What do other people's kids call you?

Names can be a tricky thing; expecting parents agonize over choosing just the right name for their new bundle of joy. But the name dilemma isn't over once you bring the baby home -- sure, you've named the BABY, but now the renaming of the parents beg...

How much do you really need for baby #2?

The other day I found myself wandering the aisles of Babies R' Us looking for a few small items for my almost-toddler aged son. I was surrounded by hundreds--no, thousands--of items, and by nearly as many bewildered parents-to-be, all of them search...

Should manners be taught in school?

According to a survey conducted by ITV, Britons are ruder than they used to be. They spit, they swear, they don't say "please" and "thank you". A third of the respondents blame this anti-social behavior on a lack of manners and 90 percent blame the l...

It's Christmas thank you time

So, has your child written his or her thank you notes for all the Christmas goodies received? Despite my ambitious plans of having that taken care of before the new year, we haven't even started. Ellie's winter break is just about over and I am deter...

The lost art of the thank you note

A few days after Ellie's birthday party last week, she received a thank you note from one of the guests. Her little friend wanted to thank her for inviting her to the party. Nobody has ever done that before and I was surprised and impressed - this mo...

Is it too soon to take baby to a party?

Well, I guess I've sort of answered that question already, as I've now taken my darling little baby boy to two parties, but I thought I'd share my experiences with you and see what you think! A few week ago, when Mercer was between ten and twelve we...


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