British Kids Have The Best Teeth, New Study Shows

Kids in the United States lag behind the British when it comes to oral hygiene. Credit: oskay, Flickr
Americans needs to keep their collective mouths shut about the British and their teeth. Turns out that kids in England have better dental hygien...

We Like Our Kids, Except When We Don't

We've all been there -- the morning your kid refuses to get dressed for school, the time they mention "Mommy's mustache" in public, or worst of all, the dreaded grocery-store meltdown. This hilarious commercial is worth the wait for the punch...

J. K. Rowling to Raise $30 Million for Orphans?

I never really thought much about J. K. Rowling. Sure, she is a woman and a mom. She's a writer and a celebrity, now, too. She's tackled lawsuits--that's how you know when you've really made it, eh? But I never thought about her personally. Until ...

Caffeine linked to miscarriages

A new study links caffeine consumption with increased rate of miscarriage. Just two cups of coffee--or 200 milligrams--per day was found to double the rate of miscarriage. In addition to that, the study found that women who consumed less than 200 ...

Couple who lost three children expecting triplets

I can't believe I actually got through this entire story without bursting into a thousand tears. Well, to be honest I didn't read the whole thing. But I'm glad I read what I did. Chris and Lori Coble, parents to two girls and a boy, lost all their c...

Pope wants more Europeans

Remember that list of ten reasons not to have kids that garnered more than a bit of controversy a while back? It seems that maybe the Europeans have taken that to heart and are cutting back on the whole parenting gig. While visiting Austria, Pope Ben...

Italian kids are rowdy

Forget the loud American rocking the sandals with socks look while announcing "nobody here ever bathes," it appears that Italian children are the "most feared" tourists in Europe. According to an international study of vacation companies, the Italian...


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