Test Scores Go Up When Learning Is Combined With Fitness

Exercising every school day for 40 minutes in a regimen that includes flexing a few mental muscles increased test scores in elementary school students. Credit: Getty Images In one class, you run mathematical equations. In the next, you...Study blurs the line between physical educaton and other classes.

Hispanic Kids Don't Get Enough Exercise, Study Finds

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Hispanics don't exercise all that much in their spare time, a new study finds. Credit: Getty Images After a grueling day of intense, physical, back-breaking labor, you know what you need? A ...
Kids' activities, at least during leisure time, mirrors that of adults.

New Parents Eat More, Exercise Less Than Their Childless Peers

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Diet habits are worse among new parents. Credit: Getty Images Babies add so much to their parents' lives -- love, compassion and, oh, yeah, extra pounds. A new study out of the University of...
Study shows young, new parents take in more calories than their peers who don't have kids.

This 'Let's Move!' Ad Isn't Going to Get Kids Moving

Click here to watch how the families in our Healthy Families Challenge are staying fit! "Let's Move!" has an ad campaign running that should be called "Let's Lie!" A mom is in the kitchen when her daughter, age about 11, calls down from the ...Tricking kids into a minute of exercise isn't going to end childhood obesity.

First Lady Michelle Obama Celebrates the First Year of 'Let's Move!'

Michelle Obama discussed the Let's Move! campaign on the "Today" show on Feb. 9, 2011. Credit: Peter Kramer, AP Photo/NBC Universal, Inc. Today marks the first anniversary of Let's Move!, the comprehensive initiative launched last year...The first lady says she wants kids to understand that "exercise" is just a code word for "play."

Weightlifting for Kids? New Research Says Pump It Up

Kids should exercise to strengthen their muscles and bones three times a week. Credit: Getty If your kid has been asking to lift weights but you've been afraid to let him because of safety concerns, you may want to ease up on your anxi...New research says lifting weights won't stunt a kid's growth.

Even Young Athletes May Not Get Enough Exercise, Study Shows

Too much time is spent sitting, rather than playing during sports practices, a new study shows. Credit: Corbis
Kids are so busy these days. After-school schedules are are filled with hours of sports practices and homework. Weekends are packed wit...
Only about a quarter of children playing organized sports are getting the amount of exercise recommended by the government during team practice, the Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine reports.

Parents Can Sue Schools for Skipping Gym Class, Court Rules

Although childhood obesity is rising at an alarming rate, many school districts are minimizing physical activity. Credit: Yuri Gripas, AFP/Getty Images
In an ironic turn of events, schools are now getting in trouble for skipping gym class. Acc...
According to a ruling this week by the California Court of Appeals, parents can take their children's public schools to court to force them to provide the minimum amount of physical education required under state law.

Sports Carry-All Stows Your Important Stuff

The Armpocket Sport i-20 keeps your gear in place. Credit: Armpocket
Looks like you've got one less excuse to stay home from the gym. The Armpocket Sport i-20 is an eco-friendly, hands-free carrying system that fits all those pesky essential...
Looks like you've got one less excuse to stay home from the gym.

Customized Yoga Mats Will Inspire You to Work Out

Be it beach scene, or yoga-posing bears, Yogamatic's custom mats help get you moving. Credit: Yogamatic.com
We hate to tell you this, but that baby weight? It ain't going away by itself. Even if you're one of the genetically blessed who manage...
Customized yoga mats make holding those poses much more fun.

Tony Little: Push Your Body, Not Your Kids

Take the difficulties of family life one day at a time, says Tony Little, with wife Melissa and their twins, Cody and Chase. Photo courtesy Tony Little
Tony Little has made it his business to push Americans to get in shape, but when it comes to...
The fitness guru is known for whipping Americans into shape, so why did he let his own son get overweight?

Sports Drinks Aren't as Healthy as You Think

Sporty? Try sugary. Credit: Getty Images
Your kid comes off the soccer field, sweating and tired. He walks over to the vending machine to get a drink, but instead of hitting the soda button, he goes for a sports drink, opting for what he thinks i...

Maternity Workout Apparel Fit for 2

Get fit with your little workout partner. Credit: For Two Fitness
If you're exercising for two, you'll love these unique tank tops from For Two Fitness, which couple fun workout phrases with cute line drawings. Our favorite designs are "spin...
If you're exercising for two, you'll love these unique tank tops from For Two Fitness, which couple fun workout phrases with cute line drawings.

Walking to School Helps Kids Cope With Stress

Stressed-out kid? Have them get more exercise. Credit: Getty Images
Walking to school in the morning can help children respond better to stress during the day, a new study shows. Forty children between the ages of 10 and 14 made a morning ...

Grass-Roots Groups Plugging Into Michelle Obama's Let's Move Campaign

Junior rangers Isabella Davis, left, and Paige Owens, and first lady Michelle Obama and Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., participate in a mountain stretch during a Let's Move program outside Las Vegas June 1. Credit: Isaac Brekken, AP
Families at rest ...


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