Punch, Throw, Swing: Experts Touting Exercise Video Games

Kids are getting fit with the Wii and other video games. Credit: Alex Grimm, Getty Images
"Honey, I handed the kids the remote," is the new mantra of health-savvy moms and dads who are boasting "I told you so," to naysayers who once pooh-pooh...
Experts say the virtual reality of many games actually requires kids to work up a sweat and helps keep video game players in physical shape. They're regaling the benefits of Nintendo's "Wii Sports," Konami's "Dance Dance Revolution" and other video games that require players to go through motions to make their virtual counterparts perform.

Fisher Price makes fitness video game for kids

In the wake of success stories like Dance, Dance Revolution and Wii -- both of which have been officially endorsed by fitness experts in helping kids get physically active -- Fisher Price has created it's own "exergame," the Smart Cycle. Essentially,...


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