Help Kids Learn by Turning Science Into Magic

I'll confess this without blushing: I'm an artsy mom. Ask me what a poem means and I'm like a dog with a bone. But when it comes to answering those big, science-related questions that all kids ask - Why is the moon out during the day? Why do dogs lik...

Seventh Graders' Idea for Reusable Ink and Paper Advances in Competition

Two seventh graders in Washington state have come up with a pretty brilliant idea: Finding a way to reuse the ink on a piece of printed paper. Anika Patel and Angela Riggins of Forest Ridge School in Bellevue, Wash., came up with the idea for ...

Good Science, Bad Parenting

The experiment took place inside the home of M.I.T. scientist Deb Roy. Eleven video cameras and 14 microphones were placed in ceilings throughout in order to document the first three years of his son's life and language development. It's officially n...

At what age is it ok to leave kids home alone?

I was at least twelve years old before I was allowed to cross the street by myself. It was several years after that I was allowed to stay home alone during the summer while my parents were at work instead of going to summer camp. I always felt lik...

A plethora of science fair projects

A few years back, my niece asked me how traffic lights worked. I didn't know, but I thought about it and came up with a possible method for cycling through the green/yellow/red lights at an intersection. She decided to make a model of a traffic light...


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