Billy Ray Cyrus lets Miley's boyfriend move in

Your 15-year-old daughter falls for 20-year-old underwear model. Do you: a) Lose sleep at night. b) Hope that you've raised her well, but keep a close eye on their activities. c) Wonder why in the world the chastity belt went out of style. d) Invite ...

Candidates, campaigns, and core values

Welcome to Red Mom Blue Mom, ParentDish's special coverage of the 2008 Presidential election. Each Tuesday through November 4, columnists Rachel Campos-Duffy (Red Mom) and Ada Calhoun (Blue Mom) will take on issues relevant to parents on both sides ...

Dave Grohl expecting second baby!

Rocker Dave Grohl, currently of the Foo Fighters outfit (say it with me now: FOO!) and former Nirvana drummer, is expecting his second child. Grohl and wife Jordyn Blum announced the news Sunday. Lead singer Grohl and Blum already have one child, a ...

Sarah Palin's stylist highest paid campaign staffer

In the first two weeks of October, the highest paid member of the McCain campaign staff wasn't a pollster, or a strategiest. It wasn't a bodyguard or a trusted campaign aid. The highest paid member of the McCain team was Sarah Palin's makeup artist. ...

Suri Cruise stands up on Broadway

One of the things I was most excited about when we decided to leave Boise and move east was the chance to live close to all the wonderful culture that New York City has to offer. Boise, Idaho is a beautiful place, but not the most happening town in t...


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