Andrew Lloyd Webber's kids won't inherit his money

(Think that's bad? Click the photo to check out the Top 10 Most Controversial Celebrity Dads) When your dad is worth $750 million, you might expect to never have to worry about money again. But Andrew Lloyd Webber's kids aren't getting a free pass ...

Discussing debt at America's kitchen table

Welcome to Red Mom Blue Mom, ParentDish's special coverage of the 2008 Presidential election. Each Tuesday through November 4, columnists Rachel Campos-Duffy (Red Mom) and Ada Calhoun (Blue Mom) will take on issues relevant to parents on both sides ...

Tony Dovolani's wife lets him sleep through nighttime feedings

Dancing With the Stars pro Tony Dovolani and his wife Lina welcomed twins Adrian and Ariana to their family last month. The twins make three for the couple, who are also mom and dad to three-year-old daughter Luana. While fellow celeb dad of twins Br...


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