Britney Spears Bored With Her Structured Life

Britney Spears has something to say about her new, more structured life. In typical Britney style, she's not holding anything back: "I think it's too in-control," she says in Britney: For the Record, a new documentary about her life. "If I wasn't ...

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Spend Second Anniversary Apart

Fueling speculation that something is amiss in their marriage, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes spent their second anniversary apart ... on opposite coasts. Katie's in New York appearing on Broadway in Arthur Miller's All My Sons, while Tom is hard at wor...

J. K. Rowling to Raise $30 Million for Orphans?

I never really thought much about J. K. Rowling. Sure, she is a woman and a mom. She's a writer and a celebrity, now, too. She's tackled lawsuits--that's how you know when you've really made it, eh? But I never thought about her personally. Until ...

Angelina Jolie Admits Breastfeeding is Hard!

At first I wasn't 100% sure Angelina Jolie breastfed any of her children. With her hectic lifestyle and, frankly, the continued awesomeness of her breasts, it seems hard to fathom that the international, goodwilling, globetrotting, A-list celebrit...


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