Ellen DeGeneres Tries to Out Mariah Carey's Pregnancy

Here's a tip, celebrities: Got a secret you're trying to keep? Don't go visit Ellen DeGeneres, at least not in front of the television cameras. Mariah Carey, battling rumors that she and husband Nick Cannon are expecting, recently visited The Elle...

Angelina Jolie Controls the Press to Protect Her Family

We like to think that all the nice things we read about celebrities are true. We also, whether we admit it or not, like to read about the not-so-nice parts of their lives--such gossip, whether factual or not, makes us feel a little bit better abo...

Barry Manilow Used to Deter Noise Makers

I'm sorry, but this is hilarious. A judge in Fort Lupton, Colorado recently decided to really get some rowdy teenaged noise makers to change their ways by forcing them to listen to Barry Manilow. No, seriously--it's true. Municipal Judge Paul Sa...


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