Barack Obama's grandmother dies at age 86

On the eve of one of the biggest days of his life, Senator Barack Obama received some very sad news. His grandmother, Madelyn Dunham, passed away in the early hours of yesterday morning after a long battle with cancer. Senator Obama suspended his cam...

Will sexy TV lead to teen pregnancy?

Will watching television get you pregnant? According to an article from the Daily News, it may be the case. What sounds as implausible as the rumor that circulated when I was a kid that you could get pregnant from a toilet seat (remember THAT one?...

Traci Lords refuses to go topless due to breastfeeding

Former porn star and sometime actress Traci Lords says she refused to go topless in her new movie--because she was breastfeeding. The Cry Baby starlet, who hasn't shown her breasts since 1987 (according to her), was firm with her decision to Kevin...


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