'Cindy Brady' teaching her son about hangovers

They say that experience is the best teacher, but I don't think that applies in all cases. For example, Susan Olsen, better known as Cindy from the Brady Bunch, is teaching her 10-year-old son the dangers of alcohol by binge drinking and showing up f...

Melanie Brown is a demanding mom

Spice Girl Melanie Brown has a working wish list that a lot of parents would envy. She says that before she will agree to take a job, her prospective employer must agree to some basic ground rules: her children must be allowed to accompany her to wor...

C-Rod flew during last trimester of pregnancy

As yet another bitter celebrity divorce gets under way, interesting details about Cynthia Rodriguez's time while she was pregnant have been revealed. Cynthia, or C-Rod as she is now being called by the press, wife of Yankee's baseball star Alex ...

Driver keeps mum on baby's sex, daddy

Actress Minnie Driver is refusing to play the Hollywood game with her pregnancy. Unlike some stars, who finally give in the the pressure of the media, Driver is refusing to comment on the sex of her baby. She's also sticking to her guns and not ...

Angelina gives birth-for real this time!

It's the moment the entire world seems to have been waiting for. New York's Daily News is reporting that actress Angelina Jolie has finally given birth to twins. Perez Hilton, among others for those of you counting, is reporting the same thing. Pa...


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