Ashton Kutcher's new site inspired by Demi Moore's daughters

Asthon Kutcher knows of teenage girls. After all, he drives a carload of them to school every morning. Rather than letting their conversations roll right in one ear and out the other, however, he took notice. "Teens have a pulse on popular culture th...

The Wiggles top list of richest Aussie performers

Moms and dads of the under-5 set know them well. They're The Wiggles, the colorful, noisy, silly children's musical group from Australia. I remember the first time I saw them -- pre-motherhood -- and I thought, "What the heck? Are they for real?" But...

Susan Sarandon's daughter says mom is fashion-challenged

I laughed when I read Susan's recent post on carpool chic. It took me less than a week to go from showered and styled at kindergarten drop-off to stumbling into school in yoga pants. I have a few years yet before my kids are mortified by what I'm wea...

Is Usher going to be a dad again?

A source close to R&B star Usher and his wife Tameka Foster let the cat out of the bag recently, announcing that the couple is expecting baby number two sometime in December. If the rumor is true -- Tameka was spotted at a recent even wearing a "...

Jerry O'Connell calls pregnant wife Rebecca Romijn "huge"

(Click the photo for 10 Things You Should Never Ever Say to Pregnant Women) Some men complain that women are hard to understand. But here's a simple, easy rule that husband Jerry O'Connell -- husband of Rebecca Romijn, who is pregnant -- learned t...

Alex Borstein is a mommy!

I LOVE Alex Borstein. Many may know her as the voice of Lois on the hit Fox adult cartoon series Family Guy (where she also serves as on of the producers), but I remember her from a little show called Mad TV, where she was a freakin' hoot. One of her...

Emma Watson spends a little money

What would your kids buy if they came into a little money? Candy? A record album? Toys? Well, Emma Watson, who played Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movies, spent a litte more than that. After turning eighteen and gaining access to the millions...

Naomi Campbell ready for motherhood

(Click the photo to find out which celebs should never be parents) Dear heavens, save us all. Naomi Campbell is ready to be a mother. The supermodel with a well-established problem of violent behavior recently came clean about her close call in the ...


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