Help Kids Learn by Turning Science Into Magic

I'll confess this without blushing: I'm an artsy mom. Ask me what a poem means and I'm like a dog with a bone. But when it comes to answering those big, science-related questions that all kids ask - Why is the moon out during the day? Why do dogs lik...

Pumpkins, pumpkins all around

Did you know that the first jack-o'-lanterns were carved out of turnips? Legend has it that Jack was a man cursed to walk the Earth forever, banned from both Heaven and Hell. The devil, the story says, gave Jack a crude lamp to light his way. The I...

Giant rat discovered

The last thing my kids see when leaving our house are the words of Carl Sagan above the door: "Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." Researchers in a remote jungle in Indonesia recently proved the truth in that saying by discover...

Premature death of a stroller

Even though I was warned a thousand and twenty two times, I am still surprised how fast Nolan's babyhood went. I look at him now (massive shiner and all) and I am aghast at the little boy who smiles back. Where did my baby go? And also, where did his...

Halloween hangover, it gets to us all

Last night my ex-husband and I united forces to take our youngest son, Devon, out for trick-or-treating. Both of his siblings had plans with their friends, so we thought it would be good fun to introduce him to the fun and greed of receiving candy fr...

Suggestions for age-appropriate toys

In case you might be an early bird of a shopper and are beginning your Christmas preparations before the leaves turn to yellow and gold, you might be wondering just what to buy for your niece or nephew. Below is a comprehensive list of age appropriat...


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