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How Many Extracurricular Activities Are Too Many?

Ballet, tennis, Mandarin, pottery ... where do you draw the line? Credit: Getty Images
You daughter has Little League, your son has band practice and you have a doctor's appointment. All at the same time. In three different towns. What's an a...

Kids and Extracurriculars - When Do You Let Them Quit?

When kids are ready to quit, do you let them?. Photo: sxc.hu
Extracurricular activities are a child's way of trying out new things and figuring out what fits. Dance, at our house, is one activity that never changes -- the kids look forward to ...

Slow Parenting - The New, Old Way of Doing Things

Does life feel like it's flying by too fast? Do you find yourself constantly telling your kids to hurry, hurry, hurry? Has it been days since you just sat and talked to your partner or children? What you might need is "slow parenting." It's a new ter...

Extracurricular activities - How much is too much?

My older daughter's soccer coach called last night. I groaned when he told me he'd set soccer practices for the same day of the week that my daughter has dance. Now, one evening a week, she'll go from one dance class to the other, then directly to so...

Avoiding over-scheduling with older kids

I wrote a blog entry here at ParentDish a while back that referenced my toddler's bedtime (7:30) and a reader mentioned in the comments that she was surprised to hear that we put him to bed so early. If I remember right, her point of view was that sh...

Force kids to do after-school activities?

Most kids get involved in some kind of extracurricular activity, whether it be sports, drama, academic clubs or otherwise -- but should this involvement be mandatory? The UK's Institute for Public Policy Research thinks so, noting in a recent report...


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