face recognition 

Know that Face? Facebook Does

Facebook face recognition now makes tagging your friends on Facebook easier - even the really inappropriate photos. Credit: AFP/Getty Images No doubt about it, sharing pictures on Facebook is a major pastime for ...Facebook's new face-recognition software can now automatically recognize people in photos -- and add their name to the picture -- dramatically increasing the number of places that your teen's photos can pop up.

Teach your child to never forget a face!

Classic memory games were some of my very favorites as a child, although we mainly used old playing cards. BOR-ING. The Face Memory Game by EeBoo still incorporates the memorization aspect, but is much more colorful and exciting than a dusty, dog-ea...

Infants and face and speech processing

Experience plays a crucial role in the normal development of many perceptual and cognitive functions such as speech perception. For example, between 6 and 10 months of age, the infant's ability to discriminate among native speech sounds improves, whe...


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