Setting Computer Limits for Kids

Can your child enjoy himself –- and all those things that aren't online -– when he's away from the computer? Credit: Getty Images If your children spend a large amount of time at the computer, you may wonder, are they addic...If your children spend a large amount of time at the computer, you may wonder, are they addicted or do they simply enjoy being online?

Facebook Gets British Headmaster in a Bit of Sticky Wicket

The suspensions where the result of "social networking and conduct" claims. Credit: Getty Images
A British headmaster and one of his colleagues find themselves in a bit of sticky wicket over a Facebook page.
Bernard Routledge was th...
* No BRAS as this girls' private school.

How to Nip Digital Drama in the Bud

Getting your kids away from media shouldn't be an ordeal. Credit: Corbis "Turn off the TV!" "No more Club Penguin!" "No Facebook 'til you're 14!" Sound familiar? Welcome to the world of digital drama -- where cell phones, TV shows, vid...Cell phones, TV shows, video games and the Web often create standoffs between kids and parents.

Parents Increasingly Permissive in Letting Underage Kids Use Social Media

Pre-teens using social media? No problem, for some parents. Credit: Getty Images Sure, you're supposed to be 13 years old before you have a Facebook account, but go ahead and sign up a few years early. Your parents won't mind. They'r...Too young for Facebook? Don't worry. Your folks don't (likely) care.

Millions of Kids Younger Than 13 on Facebook, Consumer Reports Survey Finds

An estimated 7.5 million of the 20 million Facebook users are younger than 13. Credit: Getty Images School is out for the day, homework is complete, and your tween is chilling out, messing around on an educational website. Yeah, right....Survey finds 7.5 million kids younger than 13 are Facebook users.

Teacher Calls Students 'Little Criminals' on Facebook

What is posted online stays online. Like, forever. Credit: Getty Images
Rule No. 1, class: Never -- and that means never -- post anything on the worldwide Web you wouldn't want seen by the whole wide world.
That especially applies t...
Another teacher learns there's no such thing as private comments on social media.

Facebook Can Lead to Depression in Adolescents, Report Says

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Facebook depression is common among teens. Credit: Getty Images Just when you think you've got the whole social media thing covered with your tween or teen, a new tech-related monster rears its ugl...
Just when you think you've got the whole social media thing covered with your tween or teen, a new tech-related monster rears its ugly head.

Girls Staking Claims on Prom Dresses Via Facebook

Back off! That prom dress is mine I already claimed it on Facebook. Credit: Getty Images
It is the ultimate male bonding experience. You get together with your old man and your best male buddies to go shopping for a black tuxedo f...
Websites avoid the trauma of two girls wearing (gasp!) the same dress.

Facebook Kicks Off 20,000 Kids Every Day, Bye Bye, Babies!

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Is your tween sneaking onto Facebook? Credit: Toby Talbot, AP OK, so maybe you find it comforting to see reports claiming Facebook bans 20,000 kids younger than 13 every day from friending the wor...
Despite age restrictions, kids younger than 13 are still using Facebook.

Can Your Teen Shape Facebook's Privacy Policy?

Your kids' privacy is very important. Credit: Getty Images If your teens socialize online, you've probably had some anxious moments wondering who can see all the stuff they post. And if you've tried to understand your teens' favorite s...Facebook wants your comments on their privacy policy.

Teen Uses Faceboook to Give Hope to Suicidal Youth

Adolescence -- for all of its trauma and anguish -- comes and goes in the blink of an eye. Adults know this. They have been through the valley of the shadow of angst. Teenagers, however, lack that perspective. They peer into the future and can s...Teen helps talk suicidal peers back from the brink.

Help! My Children's Mother Teaches Our Kids to Cheat and Lie

Dear AdviceMama, My ex-wife, who has primary custody, has created Facebook pages for our 10 and 12-year-old children. The photos make my son look 13 years old and my daughter 20 years old. When I asked her to remove them (since both sites requir...Your children need and deserve two caring and attentive parents, which requires you to do your utmost to make peace rather than war with their mother, if at all possible.

Parents on Facebook? What Parents? Teens Will Just Ignore Mom and Dad There, Too

Sixteen percent of teens who are friends with their parents on Facebook report being friends was a pre-condition to use the site. Credit: Getty
Stop right now. Before reading any further, go to the kitchen and get yourself a brow...
Teens find a high-tech way to ignore their parents.

Crazy Things Parents Text Makes Us LOL

Watch what you write -- it could end up on Crazy Things Parents Text. Credit: Getty Images
Move over Sh*t My Dad Says. Time to make room for Crazy Things Parents Text.
Crazy Things Parents Text (CTPT) could be described as the offsp...
Move over Sh*t My Dad Says. Time to make room for Crazy Things Parents Text.

Boy Becomes Unexpected Superhero, Inspiring Others After His Death

Ryan Lamantia loved Spider-Man. The boy died, but his heroic spirit lives on. Courtesy Mary Lamantia
If anyone needs proof that children are larger than life, this story should provide it.
About a month ago, Mary Lamantia was perusi...
Teen finds family of inspirational boy who died of cancer on Facebook.


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