Your Kids (Still) Don't Want to Be Facebook Friends

Do you think Mark Zuckerberg is friends with his parents on Facebook? Credit: Marcio Jose Sanchez, AP We know it eats at you that your kid won't accept your friend request on Facebook, but our sincere advice is to snap out of it and ge...We know it eats at you that your kid won't accept your friend request on Facebook, but our sincere advice is to snap out of it and get a life.

Facebook 'Friends' Missing Children by Posting Amber Alerts

Facebook users may now sign up to receive Amber Alerts. Credit: Nicholas Kamm, AFP, Getty Images When a child disappears, there ought to be a way to alert people. Amber Alerts go out to TV and radio stations and are posted on high...Facebook now includes the faces of missing children.

Facebook, Secondhand TV Spread Eating Disorders Across the World

Even if your kids aren't online, they're still under the influence of their social networking friends. Credit: Getty Images For parents who think flicking off the tube -- or possibly transplanting their kids to a remote island like Fiji...Teens are using social media for tips on dangerous weight loss.

Facebook Apologizes to Iowa Birth Photographer

Facebook apologized to Eckert on Thursday, saying the company mistakenly disabled her account in December after saying pictures she posted did not comply with its policies prohibiting nudity. Credit: AP SHUEYVILLE, Iowa (AP) - Facebook...Facebook apologized to the photographer for disabling her account after mistaking art for inappropriate photos.

Facebook Breakups Bring the Grinch to Christmas

Logging into Facebook right before Christmas could cause tears for your teens. Credit: Saeed Khan, AFP/Getty Images
So much for nice: The holiday season is about to turn naughty. It may be time for parents to stock up on Kleenex and prepare ...
OMG! He broke up with me right before Xmas! Check Facebook for the details.

Bristol Palin Apologizes for Facebook Rant

Bristol Palin, now competing on "Dancing With the Stars," apologized for her online outburst. Credit: Jeffrey Mayer, WireImage.com
ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) - Bristol Palin is apologizing for herself and her younger sister for their Facebook rant ag...
Palin says she and her 16-year-old sister Willow "shouldn't have reacted to negative comments about our family. We apologize."

Facebook Triggers Asthma Attacks, Doctors Say

Facebook may be to blame for breathing problems. Credit: Corbis
If you've got asthma, you'd better think twice before you log in to Facebook. That's right, folks. In a letter published today in The Lancet, one of the world's most prestigious me...
A jilted teen couldn't breathe when he checked out his ex's profile.

Teenage Girls Portray Themselves as Sexy and Crazy Online, Survey Finds

You may be shocked by your daughter's online image. Credit: Getty Images
The time your teenage daughter spends on social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace or Twitter may be causing identity confusion, as her online persona probably por...
She may be all sweet and smart at home, but on Facebook, your teen wants to be known as sexy and funny.

Arkansas School Board Member Will Wear Purple If Gay People Commit Suicide

An Arkansas school board member posted a message on his Facebook page implying that he wants gay people to commit suicide. To be more specific, this is what Clint McCance, who serves on the school board in the Midland school district in Arkansas...The Arkansas Department of Education quickly condemned Clint McCance's remarks.

Mom Gives Daughter $300 for Facebook Fast

Is it time for your kid to go on a social media diet? Credit: Dan Kitwood, Getty Images
It's a parenting strategy for the social media age. A mom in South Carolina offered her college-age daughter $300 to abstain from Facebook for one month, a...
Student goes on Facebook cleanse for cold hard cash.

Won't 'Friend' Mom and Dad? They'll Just Hack Your Facebook Page

Mom and Dad want to know your status. Credit: Adrian Wyld/AP
Parents on a mission to uncover the secret lives of teens will stop at nothing to uncover the truth. At least, that's the finding of a new survey that reveals 10 percent of parental uni...
Best keep those dirty little secrets off your Facebook page, kids. Mom and Dad are watching.

Is it OK for Teachers and Students to Be Facebook Friends?

Should teachers and students be friends on Facebook? Credit: Chris Jackson, Getty Images
At least three New York City area teachers have been fired in the last six months for "inappropriate" conduct with students on Facebook, including one who le...

Facebook Creeping Saves Child's Life When Nurse Sees Eye Cancer in Photo

Facebook creeping saved a 2-year-old's life Credit: Getty Images Good news: Creeping on Facebook has its benefits. Just ask a mom whose 2-year-old's potentially fatal eye cancer was spotted by a friend perusing her site. London's ...A nurse spotted a rare form of eye cancer on a toddler after seeing her photo on Facebook.

Kids, Parents Say Other People Share Too Much Information Online, Poll Says

Watch how much personal information you're giving away online. Credit: Frederic J. Brown/AFP/Getty Images
Before reading the rest of this article, would you mind answering a few simple questions? What's your home address and telephone number? ...
Online companies don't really need to know your home address and work schedule.

Do People Really Want to See Your Sonogram in Outer Mongolia?

Just tagging a few photos from last weekend's Mommy & Me rager. Credit: Brooke Fasani/Corbis
Baby Herman just dropped a particularly steamy load in his diapers ... Baby Herman is a fan of breast milk ... Baby Herman ... Needs to get offline! ...
Children often leave their messy little footprints on the Internet before they're even born.


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