Henry Louis Gates Jr. on Tracking the Family History of Slaves

By Henry Louis Gates, Jr. One of the transformative moments of my life occurred when my grandfather, Edward Gates, died in 1960. I was 10 years old, and, following his burial, my father showed me my grandfather's scrapbooks. There, buried i...As a parent, as well as an historian, I also encourage you to introduce your children to their family history.

Building the Branches of Your Family Tree

Family photos will help with your research. Credit: rick, Flickr Google the phrase "family tree" and you may be overwhelmed by what you see. Certainly, there's no shortage of sites to help you navigate through the world of genealogy. B...Creating a family tree can be a fun and meaningful activity.

Communication May Be Key to Improving Family Life, Survey Shows

A little communication may go a long way toward improving your family life. Credit: Getty If you feel like you spend most of your precious time at home arguing and yelling at everyone around you, you may be right. Communication betwe...Talking about something other than the kids' schedules and grocery lists might help your marriage.

How to Create a Family Tree

Software programs can help in your family tree research. Credit: MCT
There are as many ways to make a family tree as there are types of families.
Thankfully, there are some universal basics to help you get started. First, you need t...
So, you want to create a family tree? Learn how to get started!

Are You More Focused on Family This Holiday Season?

Some gifts are free. Credit: Getty Images
A new study on holiday spending attitudes found that 77 percent of Americans are refocusing their efforts on family rather than gift giving. The study was published by Strayer University, based on ...
A new study on holiday spending attitudes found that 77 percent of Americans are refocusing their efforts on family rather than gift giving.

Opinion: Parenting in Public is Perilous Business

They're watching you ... Illustration by Christopher Healy
There's nothing quite like spending 16 days straight with six family members and an additional guest to throw your parenting skills into stark relief. Turns out, I'm a yeller short on ...

10 Ways to Teach Your Kids Compassion

Craig Kielburger became famous when, at only twelve years old, he founded a charitable organization to fight child exploitation called Free the Children. Since its humble beginnings in the Kielburger family home in 1995, Free the Children has develop...

Make Every Day a Happy Day With Your Kids

Routines are the glue that stick together the hours and activities in our days. On a good day, Cabin Fever only has to remind her children to do things once. (On a day of amazing fabulosity, I'd never have to remind anyone of anything at all; but tha...

The Benefits of Yoga for Kids

Many adults seek out yoga for both its exercise and meditative components. Can children benefit from the practice, too? Cabin Fever talked to Carolyn Burke, a yoga educator who teaches "through the family life cycle," from prenatal yoga, to yoga for ...

Dreams for this New Year: Resolution Making for the Whole Family

The gifts have been opened, the toys have been broken, the decorations packed away (except for those still hanging, looking forlorn), and Cabin Fever is sleep-deprived and overfed and suffering from a season of excess. Don't get me wrong: we've had...

Co-Sleeping: Is it Right for You?

Co-sleeping occurs when parents and children share the same bed. This has become popular among parents who practice attachment parenting, a parenting style advocated by William Sears, M.D. Opponents of co-sleeping say the practice interferes with ...

Death Records

A death record is an official report that lists important information, such as the time, date and cause of death, about an individual. This record also includes the person's date of birth, marital status and occupation. This document is signed by a d...

Parents Slow to Cut Spending on Kids

The recession hasn't curbed parents' spending on their kids. Credit: boopsie.daisy, Flickr
Parents trying to weather the recession are cutting back on their own vices, such as alcohol and tobacco, but they aren't willing to spend less on their ki...

SpongeBob Debuts at Madame Tussauds

In honor of his 10th Anniversary, SpongeBob SquarePants will be immortalized at the famed Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in New York City, becoming the first cartoon character to receive a statue made entirely out of wax.
Kid-Friendly W...

Baby Names, Male MidWives, and More - Links We Love

Helmets really do keep kids safe. Image:
So you picked out a great baby name, only to find out everyone else likes it too. The Cradle has some baby name suggestions that will keep your maintain your fav name's feel, while still being orig...


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