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Co-Sleeping: Is a Family Bed Worth the Safety Concerns?

Watch a video on co-sleeping.
Samantha Van Vleet cuddles with her 6-week-old baby, Averly. Credit: Samantha Van Vleet
Sleeping is a group activity for the Van Vleet family -- all five of them.
Nothing can match the sense of securi...
The family bed continues to draw controversy.

Should Your Family Share a Bed?

In many cultures, co-sleeping is the norm. Credit: jupiterimages
Having children means lots of sleepless nights, but for exhausted mothers and fathers, the family bed -- where all members of a family share a single sleeping space -- may provide e...

Co-Sleeping: Is it Right for You?

Co-sleeping occurs when parents and children share the same bed. This has become popular among parents who practice attachment parenting, a parenting style advocated by William Sears, M.D. Opponents of co-sleeping say the practice interferes with ...

Co-Sleeping, Maya Rudolph and Viral Videos - Links We Love

What happens when the family bed doesn't work for every member of the family? Photo courtesy of Kelly Sue on Flickr. Is your baby literally coming between you and your husband? How do you deal when Mom wants to co-sleep but Dad doesn't? -- Mothe...

Spanking (It's Not What You Think), Schoolhouse Rock, and More - Links We Love

All tired out after a long week? Here are five lazy games you can play with your tot. Quality time without getting off the couch, can't beat it. -- LilSugar Looking for a way to feel closer to your man? MomLogic has an idea ... spank him. No, real...

Should kids sleep in parents' bed?

I receive many emails and letters every week asking for my advice on parenting issues. Well, this week, I'm asking readers to give me advice on my current parenting dilemma -- kids sleeping in our bed! Here's the lowdown: as many of you know, I hav...

Parent vs. Parent: Hot about co-sleeping

I think it is really funny that when we were talking behind the scenes about co-sleeping (we do talk behind the scenes-- all the time!), that of all of us, I was the one who was the hottest on co-sleeping. I don't think that is because my children ar...

Solutions for the cramped family bed

I am always keen to discover what people do to transition children out of the family bed. Since I have recently shed the oldest member of our family bed, I am looking around for ideas to get the last nestling out of the nest. Kimberly, at Sanity and ...

When the chicks fly the nest. The end of the family bed?

A few weeks ago I promised a couple of readers that I would update them when, and if, my family bed statues changed. Well, rest assured those of you who had a raised eyebrow or two over my 13 year-old son's presence in the family bed, he has made the...

Does the family bed ever end?

When my first son was born I was young and terribly inexperienced. Still in college at the time, I was not nearly prepared for all that would come with the new title of Mom. One aspect that particularly kicked me in the butt was sleeping. During the ...

Are you an open or a closed door family?

I grew up in a house where we slept with the doors open at night. The only time I ever wondered if this was a good idea was when we had Fire Safety Day at school and the firefighters told us it was best to sleep with the door closed to protect agains...


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