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5 Ways to Unplug on Vacation

The biggest challenge for family vacation is unplugging from our 24/7 media lives. Credit: Getty Images What's the biggest challenge facing families this summer? Canceled flights? Rain delays? Try unplugging from our 24/7 media lives. F...With planning and self-control, you can ditch the gadgets and enjoy some family face time.

Do You Pull Your Child Out of School for Family Vacations?

Credit: Getty Images
Do you pull your child out of school for family vacations?
The Kansas City Star reports on a recent Travel Industry of America poll that found 16 million parents "let children miss school to gain travel experien...
Family vacations are great. But school is important. Do you let your child skip school for vacations?

No Cellphone? Unplugging on Family Vacations

Tune into family, turn off the iPod. Credit: Corbis
When Aaron Bryant told his son he could not bring his iPod camping, the 13-year-old was surprised. The youngster was expecting to listen to music during the car ride. His dad had other i...

Family Vacations More Stressful Than Work?

Are family vacations more work than fun? Photo courtesy Well, it's almost that time of year again. Family vacation time! Or, if you are like me, it's family stay home and relax time! I am not big into family trips. We never took them when...

Sick of the staycation?

Chances are, if you weren't saving money hiding under a rock this summer you heard, perhaps one time too many, about the values and virtues of the 'staycation.' A staycation is exactly what it sounds like--a 'vacation' where you and your family sta...

Would you take your kids to Costa Rica?

When I was a kid, everyone took their family vacation to Florida. Sure, some opted for California, where there is a Disney Land and other beaches, but for the most part everyone went to Florida with their kids. As we've gotten older, and the Intern...

Family vacations - Memory-making is tiring

Last summer was our first attempt at a real family vacation (at the time, our girls were four and two). We spent our days exploring remote beaches, floating on rafts, and catching rays... heavenly. Our nights were spent at our campsite, which after f...

DailyDish: Be a tourist in your own city

You may think you know everything there is to know about the town where you live, but chances are you don't....

The case of the $2,000 teddy bear

Did you have a favorite teddy bear when you were growing up? If so, you might be able to relate to this story. Orange Ted, as the now possibly celebrity status teddy bear in the tale is known, is a very lucky bear indeed. His family traveled over 1...

Best beaches for kids?

A new article touts the best beaches to consider hitting this summer. Now that Memorial Day is upon us in all its promising glory, beaches (as well as sunblock, floppy hats and other sun considerations) are tops on everyone's mind. I read this arti...

Economic woes not hurting Disney

It is common knowledge that the U.S. economy is in the toilet, right? Gas prices are sky-high, groceries are through the roof and we are all losing our homes because we can't pay our mortgage. To stretch our dollars, we are growing our own food and s...

Have baby, will travel--planning our first real vacation as a family!

Well, the heat is on. My husband, new son and I are planning our first major vacation together, and we're all really excited. Sure, we've traveled to see family in the past, but that was different. That was fun, but that was family. There's a cert...

Vacation fun for the entire family

Karen Walrond posted earlier today on Gadling, our sister blog. She pointed out that once kids enter the picture, you can never think about vacations again. When considering vacation destinations, suddenly you have a little, demanding, potentially LO...


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