UK theme park bans PDAs

Alton Towers, the UK's "best loved theme park," is committed to family fun. They're so committed, in fact, that if they see parents trying to sneak in a little non-theme park related time with a personal digital assistant, a "special warden" will pop...

The simple life

The little glass juicer was shoved way back in the cabinet, where it had sat unused since it was given to me by my mother-in-law last year. My five-year-old pulled it out and asked what it was. I happened to have a bag of aging oranges in the fridge,...

Study: parents more involved in children's lives

According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau, parents today are move involved with their children's lives than they were ten years ago. Researcher Jane Dye says, ""They are more likely to be reading to their children, and more likely to be putting l...

Poll shows kids just happy to spend time with family

For many of us with teen age or young adult children, we often fear that our growing children would rather do anything than spend time with us. I have talked to some parents who believe their teens prefer video games or movies to time spent with the ...

Car talk

Since Ellie is out of school for the summer, we spend a lot less time in the car. Her friends all live within walking distance and we just don't have many places to go these days. Her school was a twenty minute drive from our house and we usually sp...

Doing better with family time

All of us look forward to time spent with our families. The times are special, even if you have little of it. Getting the most out of these limited activities can be improved by considering the following suggestions. 1. Set priorities The secret is...

Kids want more free time, fewer activities

Thanks, Alan, for this tip. This article didn't make me feel guilty at all. Not one iota. In this article, writer Virginia Anderson points to a survey done by KidsHealth, a division of the Nemours Foundation, a nonprofit organization that studies chi...

Tuesday night friends and family dinner

We love having people over to our house. After my daughter was born seven years ago, our entertaining became one of the ways to hold onto our former pre-kid life of nearly constant socializing. We couldn't go to happy hour anymore, but we could have ...


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