Fourteen-Year-Old First in Line for MacWorld

A fourteen-year-old boy from Santa Barbara arrived at San Francisco's Moscone Center more than a day early in order to be first in line for the MacWorld Expo, despite the conspicuous absence of a Steve Jobs keynote speech. Nick Lensander showed up in...

SIDS risk lowered by fans

The number one recommendation for avoiding sudden infant death syndrome or SIDS is to have babies sleep on their backs. In addition, get a firm mattress and avoid soft bedding. According to new research coming from doctors at Kaiser Permanente in Oak...

Boy takes off Brett Favre jersey for the first time since 2003

There are fans and then their are fans. Take David Witthoft, a Green Bay Packers fan who got a Brett Favre jersey for Christmas in 2003...and then never took it off. David wore the jersey every day until April 23rd, which was his twelfth birthday. Ap...


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