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Happy Meals Get a Little Less Happy With Half the Fries

Credit: AFP/Getty Images
Happy Meals may be a little more healthy but a little less happy now that McDonald's is cutting the number of fries kids get in half.
The New York Times reports restaurant officials announced July 26 the com...
McDonald's bows to concerns about nutrition by putting kids on tighter rations.

Kids Eating More and More Meals Away From Home

Credit: AP
People used to complain that kids eat too often in front of the television instead of at the family dinner table.
Have no fear. Researchers have found kids rarely eat at home at all. They get their nutrition (if you us...

How to Keep Junk Food Ads Off Your Kid's Plate

Nothing says "summer" like a good fast food tie-in. Among my favorites? The first Transformers movie, which was rated PG-13 but lent its brand to Happy Meal toys aimed at kids 4-9. Too bad the adult meal didn't come with a person to explain why t...Nothing says "summer" like a good fast food tie-in.

San Francisco Lawmakers Take the 'Happy' Out of McDonald's Kids' Meals

A proposed city ordinance in San Francisco would require the giant hamburger chain to either stop putting little toys for kids in those Happy Meal boxes, or otherwise make them healthier by adding fruit and vegetable portions and limiting calories....No toys for you! San Francisco moves to ban kids' toys from fast food meals.

McDonald's, Wendy's Kids Meals Top Physician Group's Least Wanted List

Maybe you should rethink dinner tonight ... Credit: Ben Stansall, AFP / Getty Images
McDonald's calls it a Mighty Kids Meal. But really, kids, how mighty are you going to be when your arteries are clogged and you've lost all feeling on the lef...

Hey, Kid, Order Breakfast and Burger King Will Give You a Toy

Burger King is now offering kids the most important meal of the day. Credit: Paul Sakuma, AP
Burger King's new breakfast menu for children comes with a little piece of molded plastic. And no, it's not one of the food items. Burger King want...

Want Fries With That? Kids See More Fast Food Ads, Fewer for Sweets

Burger, anyone? Fast food ads top those for cookies and candy. Credit: pointnshoot, Flickr
Sweet or salty? When it comes to kids and TV ads, salty wins. Kids are more likely to see television advertisements for fast food than for candy...

Fast Food Calorie Counts Lead Parents to Better Choices

Good news for moms and dads in the fight against childhood obesity: It turns out when calories are listed in fast food places, parents make better choices, according to a recent study. When calorie information about menu items is listed, parents...

McDonald's Kidz Bop CD Pulled for Kid-Unfriendly Language

Is McDonald's teaching kids to swear? Photo courtesy of Some Alabama parents are upset about a track on the Kidz Bop 6 CD that is being given away with McDonald's Happy Meals. They say the supposedly kid-friendly version of Gavin De Graw...

School Lunch Should Be a Dining Experience

A few months into the first grade, I realized that my kid was having a problem at school. Lunch. Every morning I would fill Ellie's lunch box up -- and every afternoon I would find it almost completely untouched. She might drink the juice, but that w...

McDonald's burgers built to last

Karen Hanrahan is a wellness educator who teaches a workshop titled Healthy Choices for Children. Her class is for parents and is intended to teach them about healthy alternatives to the processed food products so widely available today. To illustrat...

American Family Association calls for boycott of McDonald's

I've heard of a lot of reasons why people avoid "Old McDodald's", as the famous fast food chain is known around our house -- the general unhealthiness of the food, the destruction of the rainforests, their marketing through school notices, and so on ...

Say goodbye to happy (meal) report cards

Remember the Florida school district that paid for the printing of their report cards by selling ad space on the envelopes to McDonald's? Apparently more parents came forward as being opposed to the deal and, with the help of The Campaign for a Comme...

You want fries with that baby?

When I worked at McDonald's, I brought home what seemed like a huge amount of money, for a teenager. Sometimes, I would bring home dinner too. One girl, working at a McDonald's in Vancouver, Washington, brought home a bit more than that. She brought ...

Happy meals for happy report cards

Not every youngster understands that good grades are their own reward -- I certainly didn't when I was in school. So in order to give kids and incentive they can really sink their teeth into, a lot of parents offer a treat as reward for a good report...


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