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Update: Doc Takes Heat for Suggesting Kids Be Removed From Obsese Parents

Credit: Getty Images
Boston pediatrician David Ludwig suggested children should be taken away from their obese parents.
Uh, why is everyone looking at him like that? MSNBC reports Ludwig's comments, made in the Journal of the Ame...
Doctor claims his comments were blown out of proportion.

Study Links Working Moms to Fat Kids

Moms who work may have heavier kids. Credit: Getty All you working mothers can quit feeling guilty about leaving your children as you head to the office. The kids are fat and happy. Well, fat anyway. Researchers say the more ye..."Mommy's working late again. Can we have Twinkies for dinner like last night?"

Overweight Mom Started Daughter on Diet When Girl Was Just 2

A British mom has tongues wagging over the fact that she restricts her 8-year-old daughter's caloric intake -- to the tune of 700 calories per day. That's 1,000 calories less than a typical child that age should consume on a daily basis. Mom's r...

Are Parents of Obese Kids Abusive?

Could a heavy kid land you in the pokey? Credit: Cobb County Sheriff's Office
Think twice before you give your child that candy bar or cookie -- some are saying obese kids have abusive parents. Two extremely obese Georgia children who were...

Reverse discrimination of the scrawny child

My 10 year-old middle child, Cassidy, is smart, full of life and extremely skinny. So much so that she the term scrawny can easily be applied to her body type. She is long limbed and tall for her age. I believe her to be a beauty for the ages, this i...

Some American kids too fat for their car seats

According to a recent study from the safety center at Johns Hopkins Hospital published in the April edition of Pediatrics, about 280,000 U.S. children ages 1 to 6 are heavier than the weight limits for their car seats, and most are 3-y...


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