Chinese parents fear dancing may lead to love

Remember the Chinese government's plan to combat obesity with fancy footwork? It seems parents are concerned about the possible side effects of the plan -- the potential for their children to fall in love with their dance partners. This could lead, o...

Overweight kids stigmatized by everyone - including their parents

A new analysis of 40 years of research on youth weight bias reveals that overweight children as young as 3 years old are stigmatized not only by their peers, but by their parents and teachers as well. According to researchers, all that negative atten...

Swim suit shopping after three kids

A couple of days ago i did something I had been putting off for over eight years, I bought a new swimsuit. My last suit was missing some trim, had small tears in the middle and the elastic in the bosom area could no longer contain my top half. My 10 ...

Gastric band for teenagers could soon get approval

Currently, if a teenager wants to receive gastric banding (or the lap band) in order to lose weight, she'll have to go one of the few hospitals in the country that offer the procedure. The Food and Drug Administration has allowed three US hospitals t...

Trans Fats: They may cause infertility too

If you're looking to get pregnant, you might want to cut out the Big Macs (30g) and French Fries (13-30g). A new study seems to show that Trans Fats, those nasty little buggers that make things taste good, are associated with an increase in ovulation...

Take time for breakfast

With another year of school, all of us are undoubtedly busy in the morning. Many people don't eat breakfast because they say they don't have time or think it's a way to save on calories and lose weight. But breakfast can be a very healthy way to star...

Do your kids ever call you fat?

I know that children are supposed to be some kind of paragons of honesty and truthfulness. But frankly? I am a little sick of it. I mean, do they need to be honest every day? And do they need to be honest about my weight? Do your kids every tell you ...


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