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Father's Day Gift Idea: Recycled Tie Wallets

Knot not required. Credit: Narwhal Co.
This is not your father's necktie. Oh wait -- it may actually be your father's necktie. But with a twist. Narwhal breathes new life into gently-used vintage neckties by recycling them into men's wallets...

Father's Day Gift Idea: Earth-Friendly Solar Backpack

Sun-tastic! A Voltaic solar bag. Credit: Voltaic Systems
Whether the dad in your life is a road warrior or a weekend warrior, a Voltaic solar bag is the perfect gift to help him stay connected wherever he lands. Available in a range of styles ...

Weisure Time, Trista Sutter, and Viral Video Dads - Links We Love

Is your Blackberry keeping you from your family? Photo: sxc.hu Is "weisure" (or a work during leisure lifestyle) getting in the way of family time? Some experts think that technology is making mixing work and play a little too easy. -- Lemond...

Barack Obama Celebrates First Father's Day in the White House

In January, "Parade" magazine published a letter that Barack Obama wrote to his daughters, which was really a letter about his hopes for all of America's children. This Sunday, the President will celebrate his first Father's Day in the White House...

Water Safety, Cardboard Cribs, and Working Moms - Links We Love

Spend a safe and fun summer with your kids. Photo: sxc.hu
Don't let kids waste beautiful summer days in front of the TV or video games. Here are five ways to keep the whole family active and healthy this summer. -- Health.com
One of those ...

Father's Day Fun - Links We Love

It's time to get ready for Father's Day! Photo: sxc.hu
Got a stepfather to buy for this Father's Day? Or maybe an ex that your kids need to shop for? Here are some helpful hints when shopping for stepfamily. -- Divine Caroline
He makes a v...

The Duggars Give Advice, Mr. Rogers Visits a Monkey, and More - Links We Love

A sock subscription for Father's Day?. Image: sxc.hu
The other reality TV family -- the Duggars -- tell The Washington Post that they're praying for Jon and Kate Gosselin. Oh, and they have advice for them too. -- LilSugar Koko the "talking" g...

Sleepovers, Sonogram Cufflinks and More - Links We Love

Get sandal-perfect toes with a home pedicure. Photo courtesy of sxc.hu.
Get out your tissues: A dad returns from Iraq and surprises his 10-year-old daughter on her next to last day from school. -- Jezebel
Not sure what to get that dad-to-be f...

Emily Strange, Sexless Marriages and Ferberizing - Links We Love

Would you Ferberize your baby? Image: sxc.hu
Apparently, those commercials work. Teenage boys are using too much of the male fragrance, Axe. So much so that one school district banned fragrances altogether. -- CafeMom Know a teen looking a fem...

Vote In Our Father's Day Poll

Who's the best daddy in all of Hollywood? Which famous father is hands-down the worst? Tell us what you think in our poll, and share how you plan to spend the day that's all about dads.
Fathers Day Poll Who is the sexiest celebri...

Pregnancy Skin, Kingston Rossdale on the Road and More - Links We Love

Gavin Rossdale takes Kingston on tour. Photo: Getty Images.
Newly pregnant, you might be wondering what those dark spots are on your face. It's called chloasma, or mask of pregnancy. Read about more ways your skin may change at Poked and Prodded....

No more neckties

It's not something I will mourn: the passing of the necktie. I used to have quite a few, but for the last decade or so I've been down to one -- a Dilbert tie still in the package in which my mother-in-law gave it to me. I gave up on ties a long time ...

Father's Day Craft-a-polooza: Last minute edition

Perhaps it was the end-of-the-school year activities that threw you off. Maybe it was the start of travel baseball, because you haven't had electricity most of the week due to storms. Whatever your week held, here's a quick and easy, yet memorable F...

Are dads more attractive?

When I completed the survey I wrote about last week on the subject of "Sex and the American Dad," there was one question I felt I was not qualified to answer. The question asked whether my wife found me more, less or equally attractive compared to be...

How to spot a really cool Father's Day gift

It seems to me that the best kind of gift is something that is totally cool but also totally unnecessary. Clothes are definitely a necessity; they're no fun to get. The same goes with ordinary tools-of-the-trade sort of thing, even if they're for a f...


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