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Some 50 Million People Taking Dads Out to Eat for Father's Day

The National Restaurant Association predicts about 50 million will take dad out to eat on Father's Day. Credit: Corbis
Taking your dad out for brunch or dinner on Father's Day?
Make a reservation or get there early. Some 50 million ...
Restaurant industry braces for a lot of diners this Father's Day.

Dear Dad: Thinking About Karma on Father's Day

Sid Biberman and his granddaughter, Lucy. Credit: Matthew Biberman I am a father and I am a son. My father, Sid, lives with me and has since 2001. Back then, I was 34 and deeply resented this turn of events. People I knew assumed that ...This year it will be different. This year, Lucy will wake up on Father's Day in her mother's apartment.

Dear Dad: Why Father's Day Makes Me Blue

Mock Golf cover featuring a photo of Paul Rodell. Courtesy of Chris Rodell
I'm not sure why Father's Day always makes me blue.
Every year, I sit down and think about writing a literary cheerleader about how much I love the day when ...
On Father's Day I like to think about my own father.

Dear Dad: Fathers Who Leave Will Never Know What They've Missed

Courtesy of Michael Boatman.
"Daddy ... I don't feel good."
I groaned. Loudly. I was hoping to "accidentally" wake up my wife so she could deal with my 4-year-old and her sick stomach. It was 3 a.m. I was tired and I had a TV show t...
My kids teach me the single greatest lesson a father can ever know: The joy that comes from being present for your kids.

Dear Dad: Blue Collar Pop Taught Son How Work Gets Done

Paddy Loughran was a proud union man. Courtesy of Rob Loughran Before "blue collar" became synonymous with a comedy tour or an adjective for ESPN announcers to describe how hard pampered millionaires play professional sports, it meant ...Paddy Loughran, immigrant from Cookstown, County Tyrone, North Ireland, lived to work.

Roles of American Dads Diverging this Father's Day

Credit: Getty Images WASHINGTON (AP) - Nearly half of American dads under 45 this Father's Day say they have at least one kid who was born out of wedlock. And the share of fathers living apart from children is more than double what it ...Nearly half of American dads under 45 this Father's Day say they have at least one kid who was born out of wedlock.

Celebrating Fathers' Day, Plural

On Sunday, my household will observe a holiday that is somehow universal and statistically rare all at once: Fathers' Day. Note the location of the apostrophe, indicating the plural possessive form, which is to say two dads but only one day. W...For this family, Father's Day means two dads, one holiday.

Celebrate Dad's Quirks this Father's Day

Still scrambling for a last minute Father's Day gift? Our friend Amy Preiser at Shelterpop appeared on ABC 7 to show off unique gift ideas that dad is sure to love. Like what you see? Click here to check out Shelterpop's full gift guide! ...Still scrambling for a last minute Father's Day gift?

Father's Day Gifts: From Beer to Boots to the 'Big Lebowski,' Ideas for All Types of Dads

With Father's Day just around the corner, we've come up with a list of some seriously cool gift ideas for every type of dad. Get pops a little something to show your appreciation on the one day of the year he gets to be king.
Credit: Brooks...
Show your dad a little love with these great gift ideas.

Amazing Dad: Danny Evans

Danny Evans opened up about male depression in his book, "Rage Against the Mushugenah," in an effort to help men talk about the disease. Credit: Sharon Evans Amazing Dad: Danny Evans, 39, blogger, author and dad of two, who turned his struggl...

Father's Day Gift Pick: Adopt-A-Creature

Lend a helping fin to a deserving dolphin. Credit: Getty Images
"Under the sea, under the sea, darling it's better, down where it's wetter ..." OK, Dad may not be a big fan of "The Little Mermaid," but we bet he'll love the idea of adopting a s...

Cheerleading Pop PSA Makes Us Say, 'Let's Go Dad!'

Sometimes dads tend to get a little shortchanged on the parenting front. Moms might get more attention, but we don't dare deny the power of a proud and present pop. So, in honor of Father's Day this Sunday, we share this 2008 Public Service ...

Father's Day Gift Pick: Organic Home Beer Brewing Kit

Dad gets bragging rights for brewing up his own beer. Credit: Seven Bridges Cooperative
If being the resident grillmaster isn't enough for your DIY dad, add brewmaster to his list of credentials, and watch as he quenches his thirst with a col...

Make-and-Learn Crafts: Father's Day Craft Projects for Deserving Dads

Make a frame that suits your pop: Think pennies for a financial father, nuts and washers for a mechanical man, bandages for a doctor. Credit: Gina Provenzano
He goes to every game, gives the best advice and is always there with a hug when one i...

Father's Day Gift Idea: Fair Trade Soccer Balls

Kick it out of the stadium with this year's Father's Day gift. Credit: Fair Trade Sports
Goooaaalll! Is your dad wrapped up in World Cup fever? If he's like many of the dads we know, he's probably in a fútbol frenzy this week. Lucky f...


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