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White Bread, No Crust - How Bad?

Are you spoiling your kids by cutting off their crusts? Credit: left-hand, Flickr
"During my daughter's refusal-to-eat-most-foods stage (which to be honest, is ongoing), I figured out that if I cut her sandwiches into cute shapes, she'll eat t...

Major Bedtime Snacking - How Bad?

"Do you see any coffee ice cream back there?" Credit: stockxpert.com.
After "eating" dinner, my children used to ask for snacks in 5-minute increments from 6:30 until bedtime. Goldfish, string cheese, carrots, milk, apple ... the list went on. He...

Family Dinner Boycott - How Bad?

Sure she threw me a bone, but when is everyone else coming to the table? Image: Stockxpert.com.
My friend practically whispered it in my ear: We don't have dinner together anymore.
"Really?" I asked, concerned. "Is your husband working late ...

Top Chef Talks Picky Eaters

I'm raising one adventurous eater, a six-year-old who will try just about anything and likes a large enough variety of food that I'm comfortable she's getting good nutrition. And then there's her little sister, who can go an entire week surviving on ...

Fridgewatcher lets you share your leftovers with the world

People all over the world are opening wide their refrigerator doors and sharing their contents with the public on a site called Fridgewatcher. According to Fridgewatcher, "every fridge tells a story." And you know what? After being sucked into this s...

The worst kids meal in America, and other food disasters

It's a pretty well known fact that fast food is bad. It's fast food, right? It's convenient and you can drive up to it and pay for it with the crusty quarters filling your car ashtray and sometimes vegetable chopping for salads is too much of a pain ...

Aunt Jemima pancake mixes recalled

Pancakes are a hit at our house. I wish I could say I was the kind of mom that makes them from scratch. I'm not, and Aunt Jemima is one of our favorite brands. In fact, I just made pancakes for dinner last week when my husband was working late. So im...

Wonder Bread introduces soft chewy whole wheat bread

My daughter dreams of eating Wonder Bread. White, nutritionally vacant, glorified foam, Wonder Bread. This is a dream of hers which has remained unfullfilled. Call me cruel but if your child eats a steady diet of carbohydrates, you need to at least m...


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