Gene Linked to Dad's Ability to Father Sons, Daughters

Do men determine the sex of their babies? This question is a little more complicated than the old "XX, XY" scenario. We've long known that the father supplies the sex of the baby to be in his sperm by providing either an additional X or Y chromosome....

Will obesity in a pregnant woman sway her kid's vote?

I gotta tell ya, after reading this article, it's doubtful. Possible, sure--anything is--but doubtful. I love Olivia Judson, the biologist and oft-contributor to the New York Times. She brings out the science nerd buried not so far within me. Her ...

Lack of confidence keeps girls from studying math and science

For a long time, STEM careers -- Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math -- have been viewed as the province of boys while girls were told not to worry their pretty little heads about such matters. In reality, anyone who can perform the complex, r...

Pregnancy fact or fiction: making baby

Based on my own personal experience, I've decided that getting pregnant is more of an art than a science. Those who've spent some quality time getting pregnant, and perhaps even those who got pregnant after only one attempt (and I find myself in bot...

Pregnancy fact or fiction: determining baby's gender

Guess what, folks--it can't be done. Unless you have a bonafide medium/psychic in your midst, hard science makes it darn near impossible to prove there is a way to determine your baby to be's gender without the aid of one of those scary blood t...

Can diet influence the sex of your baby?

While some couples who are ready to conceive really don't have a preference regarding the sex of their child, many do. From charting cervical mucus to attempting to conceive only during certain times of the year, there are many methods that will supp...

Good Celebrity Role Models for Girls

The tabloids, paired with the 50% possibility that I may give birth to a daughter, have me thinking about female role models. Is there anyone out there that young girls can look up to? I'm not picky at this point -- just show me someone who is famous...


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